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Which Cloud looks better?

2015 3 33.33%
2019 4 44.44%
Fuck Cloud, show me Tifa! 2 22.22%

So I've just come across this on YouTube and it's pretty interesting, it's just a short video (By Cycu1 who does a lot of these sorts of videos) showing comparison screens between what we saw of the game in 2015, vs what we've just seen in now in 2019, and I think they've made some great improvements, especially with Cloud and Barret!

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2019 looks better, especially for characters. Can't wait! But I'll probably get it on ps5 :D

The effects especially look so much better to me now. And Cloud looks a lot less 'sickly' and pale than the 2015 model. Barret looks more realistic, which I like as well.
A big difference for Jesse's face and hair it seems. Gonna have to make some comparisons of my own, but I do prefer the new look so far, thankfully.

Looks good, but I will wait until we get a release date before I get excited for it. Hopefully at E3 we hear that it comes out at the end of the year or early next year.

Newer version looks a good bit better imo. Aerith looking good especially *smile*

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I can see a lot of improvement. I like the new character models

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2019 for me.

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The new Cloud is the better version

Love the change, big improvement.