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I love the musou games so I am happy with this announcement =p

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Metallox said:
Hiku said:

I'm not sure about that point though.
I told him this earlier, but he either didn't see my comment or ignored it.

Dragon Quest XI S received a subtitle to highlight that it's an enhanced version with a lot of additional content that separates it from the original 2017 game in a substantial way.

But if Atlus were to announce a P5 port to Switch around this time, it would naturally be the same game as Royal. Which is why people didn't think they'd give the same game two different titles. A couple of potential Nintendo DLC costumes wouldn't warrant a name change imo.

I din't ignore it, but let's be aware that at one point we didn't know what either Royal or now this thing were going to be. R could've been the enhanced edition for PlayStation systems and S for Switch, scheduled to release after R and thus the name change. Who knows. On top of that, people also were ignorant of what you say or simply short sighted: Persona 5 S, ok Dragon Quest XI S exists, therefore P5S is the Switch version! That's exactly what I saw. 

Before we knew what P5R was, then P5S could have certainly been the enhanced version. I was unsure of what P5R was until yesterday.
But I didn't think the enhanced version would have two different titles, one for Playstation and one for Switch, if they were the same game. Only if they were substantially different. And I think being announced one day apart suggests that they wouldn't be.

In the case of Dragon Quest XI, it was announced for Switch along with PS4 around the same time. Back in 2015/16 they did not expect to run into the development issues they ended up having, so the Switch version was probably planned to be the same as the PS4 version originally.
But due to taking almost 3 extra years, they were in a position to add substantial additional content, so at that point it makes sense to change the title to reflect this.

I think publishers are at least a bit mindful to put the name of the console in the title of the game these days due ports to future systems being a thing these days, among other reasons. So 'S' implying Switch can be a better choice.

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Bandorr said:
Pinkie_pie said:

Yeah 3ds, not switch

"Im surprised this coming to the "[3ds]". How are [3ds] players supposed to know who the characters are? Is basically the exact same argument when it came to the 3ds.  The same for theaterhythm games etc.  Oh and Dream drop distance etc.

But yet it is some how different when they do it for the switch as opposed to the 3ds?

Again very strange argument. Specially since yesterday you had several post that seemed very certain that it would be Persona 5 switch.

Almost agree with you except that: Chain of Memories was on GBA, 358/2 Days and Recoded were on DS before that

Technically it is Persona 5 for Switch.

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Bandorr said:
Jranation said:

Perhaps because Joker is from a specific game (P5) so people thought Nintendo made a deal to Atlus to bring him in smash + A P5 port. 

Obviously it is still not out of the picture. Like look at Cloud. Took this long to get FF back on Nintendo console. Surely Atlus would love the extra $$$ they can get.

Oh like Persona Q2. That game on the 3ds that is out already? Jee if only many, many, many people pointed that out...

And yes exactly look at Cloud. It took FOUR YEARS to get that added to the switch. It never actually ever came to the wii U.  Yet there are multiple 3ds games with him.

OR hey look it is Snake which was added not because of the Nintendo games, but because KoJima's son asked for it.

Someone forgot Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes was on GameCube before that

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Baddman said:
what are the odds of shin megami tensei 5 releasing this year?

Literally 0%. If we even get something during e3, I would be shocked. 

Oh man, for now I can rest in peace.

Cherry on top, they'll milk 3 and 4 musou by separate (maybe a lone DLC for 1 and 2) instead of making a full on celebration musou. Never change Atlus.

LivingMetal said:
So there is NO Persona 5 PS4 port to the Switch???


Bandorr said:
Azuren said:
Atlus knew what they were doing giving it the codename of P5S. Shame on them.

S as in.. Scramble. Or strikers?  like R for Royal,  and G for Golden. But sure blame ATLUS because a bunch of salty fans saw an S and lost their mind?

IF they put an A would they be at fault if people thought it was coming to Apple?

M for Mac? X for Xbox? M for Microsoft? N for Nintendo?

P for Pepsi, C for coke?

Hell look at their pattern. We have Person 3 portable, Persona Q, Persona Royal, and Persona Striker.

P,Q,R,S.  Accidental or intentional?

In an industry where people are begging for a Switch release of P5, P5S doesn't immediately make people think "Oh hey,. Musou P5!"

It makes them froth at the mouth for a Switch release. Something that is entirely possible (in terms of what the Switch can handle, anyway) since P5 also runs on PS3.

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Hiku said:

Hell yeah! Although I was hoping for it to be the fighting game (rumor has it it got delayed due to Arcsys working on Granblue Versus), I'll DEFINITELY take this.

Can't wait to see Queen in action.

And yeah, at this point I wouldn't expect a Persona 5 port to Switch. Maybe it'll happen, but for now any expectations I had were buried along with the enemies Joker blasted away.

Oh and Atlus, please keep the P5 milking coming! I'll take it all!

Azuren said:
Atlus knew what they were doing giving it the codename of P5S. Shame on them.

Presuming a Persona 5 port to Switch would be more or less identical to the PS4 version. I don't think people should have expected the game to have "Switch" in the title.

I would presume it to be identical to the PS3 version.

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