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Games I suck at..... Well lets there's..... Uh...... Ther- no I don't suck at that one.... Hmm.....

You know there really aren't any games that I suck at.

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Mostly sports games like madden or nba live.

guitar hero, just don't really want spend time with it.

I failed completely and totally at Kid Icarus... the most upsetting thing is that I beat the game as a kid.. and now, I can't beat the third level. It isn't my fault though, the classic controller is flawed and every time it ducks -- I fall off a platform.


I pretty much suck at the smash bros. games, or any fighter for that matter.

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Guitar Hero still at easy/medium. I don't own though so I don't practice much.

Torillian said:
RTS games that aren't turn based. I'm just not fast enough at the game to beat the computer.

Yeah, REAL TIME games that aren't TURN BASED can be pretty hard. =P 

I mediocre at most fighting games (I could beat some people in Soul Caliber 2, other people destroyed me epically), though a little better at Smash games. Still not great though.

I destroy at GH on Medium, but can't get the hang of hard, much less expert. Like cool48, though, I don't own it, so I don't practice a ton.

I'm similarly mediocre at most sorts games, though a little better at NBA Street and fantastic at Tiger Woods.

I usually get destroyed in multiplayer fighters.

Looking at all this, I guess you could say I'm not that good at multiplayer altogether. Being a Zelda fan, I'm best at puzzle-oriented games. I'm great at RTS's though.

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I failed at the first viewtifull joe, i just cant beat the level where you have to fight your evil counterpart i just couldnt. Also another game called Izuna

Legend of the Umemployed Ninja I cant beat the last boss and the last dungeon has like 30 levels.

SSX On Tour after making to the top 1 list i still had to get to number 1 for some reason buy getting like one million points (i spent HOURS trying to get to a mil.

I fail at turn based strategy games (I still love Fire Emblem... on Easy...) and Guitar Hero past Medium difficulty settings. I just can't figure out that 5th button... maybe that's why I'm so excited for On Tour. :D