I have a *** size TV and I sit *** from it.

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75" sitting from like 20 feet.. need a bigger tv :p


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Try an Eyefinity/Surround vision set-up with 70" of screen real estate across (13.2" high) whilst only 2 feet away.
That is a surreal gaming experience. ;)

Personally, bigger the better, provided it doesn't exceed your vision.

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I have a 65" TV and I sit about ten feet away, works perfectly for me.

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My TV is 60" and I sit about 8 foot away from it. I also have a 32 inch TV for when the big one is I'm use and I sit about 4 feet away from that one.


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I have a triple monitor set-up.

A 50 inch 4KDCIHDTV (4096X2160) Strictly to have a TV with low screen lag and more screen realestate when using my PC. It's on the wall, about 5 feet away from my desk. The extra screen resolution was a bonus. You can talk about black bars on the sides all you want, but the entire TV has a bezel going along all 4 sides, and when it's dark, you're not going to see it anyway and doesn't make a difference when you can see it.

I hated my 42 inch hdtv so much because of screen lag, and 1920 x 1080p wasn't enough pixels for me to reasonably use and see 6 or 7 windows at once, and I hated it.

My second monitor is to the right of that, 9ms screen lag, 1ms gray to gray, 144hz 1080p, 24 inch gaming monitor, which is used for all of my games. The only exception is when I really don't care about the button lag (which is almost never) and would rather play with a larger screen, which is again, almost never, because I hate button lag. It's about a foot and a half away from me, but I've got the blue light settings pretty high to keep from getting headaches and eye pains. Colors seem to be a but warmer and yellowish, but I'm really not bothered by it.

Third monitor is a 1600 x 900 20 inch monitor that's used for trivial things. It's not needed and I should really consider using a screen emulator, since most of the time it's off anyway. But, what else am I going to do with it?