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Greatest Console Brand EVER !!

XBox is the Greatest. 9 5.42%
I say Nintendo is the best ever. 74 44.58%
Playstation has to be the best. 70 42.17%
Sega takes the top spot. 5 3.01%
Other. 8 4.82%
okr said:
As expected, Nintendo wins the poll.

Depends on the website, for instance, GS is full of PS fanboys.

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Its obviously PlayStation. Its really not even a debate lol

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This is tough, because Nintendo is associated almost entirely with video games, Sony has shifted to video games, but still has electronics, and Microsoft's behemoths of Windows and Office make it hard to video games to matter to them. Apple has a massive gaming market on iPhones, but the brand isn't thought of in same way as dedicated or gaming first systems.

I give it to PlayStation due to consistency of calling their systems the same name for four generations. Nintendo is very strong, but I do think it is a challenge in branding when you change names. In the days of Wii dominance I knew many people buying it with no association with Nintendo. If the NES was the Nintendo 1 and we were at the Nintendo 7 now with the Switch I could see the name and company branding being the one most associated with video games.

RJTM1991 said:
pikashoe said:
Why are nioh, nier and Yakuza on the list? They aren't exclusive to Sony.

Yakuza basically is. From the PS2, to the PSP, PS3, PS4, and companion apps and minigames on the Vita.

The series has only been on a non-Sony console once, and it didn't sell well.

Its audience is on Playstation.

This is a pretty valid point.

Teeqoz said:
As a console brand, Playstation. As an overall gaming brand, Nintendo, solely by virtue of Mario and Pokemon.

Huuum, this is very debatable. Playstation does have allot of well known characters and franchises.

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For me I've had the most enjoyment with PlayStation.

globalisateur said:
Between Nintendo and Playstation, it's hard to make a choice !

10 or 20 years ago I would have said Nintendo, but now I would probably say Playstation.

The new God Of War demo may also help with this at the moment. 

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Playstation > Nintendo > XBOX

But i think Nintendo is the best first party developers in gaming history .

Was a really hard choice, but I gave Sony the very slight edge. Very slight. I could have voted either way.

Sony has had fewer failures (first half of PS3 and the Vita), whereas Nintendo has had the gamecube, WiiU, and Virtual Boy, second half of Wii more or less.

PS1 was great, PS2 was better, PS3 ended up better but had a rocky start, and PS4 has been killing it since day one!