What is your favorite game of the current generation so far ?

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Either Hellblade or Horizon Zero Dawn. Can’t decide as each has massive strengths in different ways.
Horizon had a great story and massive open world with great diverse combat plus amazing visuals.

While Hellblade was a much more emotional ride and the acting was simply the best I’ve experienced in a video game and the whole mental health thing was a very unique take on a character. the combat, while simple, was very satisfactory aswell.

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Horizon Zero Dawn. It's the only game that has completely blown me away, with graphics, story, and gameplay.

That's hard. The ones that I had the most fun playing were probably Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda BoTW, Cities Skylines and Stardew Valley.


S.Peelman said:
Breath of the Wild by a landslide.

Pretty much.

Really a problem to decide, but I got to go with The Witcher 3, if I need to pick one. That Red Baron quest alone....

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Of Mice & Sand.


The Witcher 3
Gears of War 4
Quantum Break

Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Titanfall. A shame what they did to the MP in the sequel.


Its the pinnacle of gaming
The control over Snake is unmatched
Since my youth I havent spend so much hours playing a game, and purely because of the perfect gameplay