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PS5 release date

2018 Nov 0 0.00%
2019 Nov 23 17.16%
2020 Nov 81 60.45%
2021 Nov 20 14.93%
2022 +++++ Nov 8 5.97%
2040 PS4 is selling too good! 2 1.49%

2020 The PS4 is doing Terrific, there is no need to release PS5 yet. Considering TLOU2 most probably will release in 2019, I dont think they would announce PS5 and steal the thunder of the game

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mutantsushi said:
CPU/GPU process is normally discussed as main factor in new gen launch (which it is), but memory process and data-bus developments could also be factors, although I'm less familiar with announced developments there and their 'due date'...?

HBM2, GDDR5X is already mass-market.

GDDR6 is ramping up and will be mass produced this year if it hasn't already. (Couldn't be bothered to check)
So memory tech shouldn't be a hindrance.

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Either 2020 or 2021 ...

Xbox 360 lasted for 8 years so we can expect the PS4 to stay for roughly the same amount of time before it gets replaced ...

mutantsushi said:
Errorist76 said: 

2019 is most likely, since it’s the 25th PS anniversary. 6 years is enough, last gen‘s 7 were unusually long already.
Although I’d be totally fine if they waited until 2020, but I also think Sony doesn’t want to be the one reacting, they want to be acting. 

Why would "25th anniversary" be justification for new platform launch?
If anything, it is opportunity to offer "Special 25th anniversary edition" of PS4Pro with cosmetic details to attract PS4 owners.
Sony doesn't need temporary marketing gimmick to sell new platform, the platform should sell itself in launch year and after.
What does "Sony doesn't want to be the one reacting" actually MEAN when Sony depends on AMD to deliver core of product?
If you wait for CPU/memory process advance, you can define generation capabilities taking advantage of that leap in power.
If you don't wait, you spec performance at lower level, and non-APU/RAM parts will never benefit from re-spin price drop.

PS4 Pro as mid gen upgrade was released after 3 years, so why does 6 sound unrealistic?! Especially since there are rumours for PS5 dev kits in the wild already. In 2 years not only base PS4 but also PSVR will start to really seem dated compared to the competition.

Sony is working closely with AMD. They even developed certain Vega features like half floats in team. A Vega based GPU with Zen based CPU seems feasible in 2 years. 

RAM shouldn’t be the problem either. No one would have believed PS4 would release with 8GB GDDR RAM for 400,- either, before release.

loy310 said:
zorg1000 said:
PS4 is not 5 years old, its 4 years and 3 months.

I think PS5 will come Nov 2020 giving PS4 a 7 year life.

I look at how many Decembers its been on the market. From December 2013-December 2017 counts for 5 years. That means its specs are from 2011, make the tech 7 years old...... Its time for a new PS no matter what anybody says, the PS4 is old by any reasonable standards.

Im sorry but thats not how time is measured. Dec 2013-Dec 2017 is 4 years, thats a fact.


I dont really think specs determine when a successor releases.

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With some big shots coming in 2019 probably, I'm forced to go with the 2020 option.

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Depends on how quickly the PS4's sales decline post-peak. The PS5 will come out no earlier than 2020, though I doubt it'll be out any later than 2022. If we don't see a big YoY decline this year, then I'm going to go with 2021. If we do, then 2020.

When PS4 official price become  under $150.

2020 at the earliest. 2021 is quite possible.

Probably 2020

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