Reported hijab attack on an 11-year-old girl did not happen - Fake News?

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Is my name google?

I don't think you've ever told us your name, so it very well could be.

I wish I was partially responsible for google. $$$

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It's disappointing to see people either jump on the 'DAe liberuls xdd' train or dismiss this and simply refer to the actual hate crimes actually occurring.

The kid is only eleven. Chances are it's similar to the Ahmed bomb kid who wanted eleven million. Sure, it was irritating to see him abuse the situation, but let's be honest - was it the kid or his elders who manipulated the strings?

This event shouldn't discredit or credit any other crimes. What I fail to understand is why people lie in the first place. Are you truly willing to risk people doubting ACTUAL crimes and harassment for a quick buck? Fucking selfish I say. Muslim women will only have more skepticism around them if anything were to ever happen to them.

Well most journalists are left-leaning. I imagine in Canada they are especially so.

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Two Chinese tourists are arrested for making a Hitler salute in Germany

 context and intent? obvious they wanted to start a jew hunt.  

This falls exactly what I call "doing something really stupid". Nazism is an extremely touchy subject and there are actual laws against this. I don't necessarily agree with those laws but I don't think they restrict my freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is not freedom of being an asshole. Doing the Hitler salute in Germany is never anything other than provocation. So in this case the intent was provocation. That's why I don't travel to Japan to fart their Emperor in the face.

Given that they were actually charged means that they must have done it in an especially blatant and provocative manner. No one goes to jail for lifting their hand the wrong way.

Bold: I totally disagree there. Freedom of speech is freedom without any exceptions. If you put a "but" anywhere, then its not freedom. If you want to be an asshole then that should be your freedom. As long as you dont do harm to others, or incite harm to others, then you should be able to express your way how ever you want. 

undercored: Your right. Thats totoally the same. posing for a personal pic wich nobody should even care as they are not saluting anybody is the same as going to the emperor and phisically shame him.  on that note

We have to put a stop to these psychic assholes, every day they come to try and destroy the tower of pizza in large numbers. Its already leaning, so they almost done it.

Italic: NO that's the issue with the left. Its obvious to everyone that at worst this is a bad joke, but the left gets touchy about every little thing and cant behave like adults and just ignore a bad joke. Its like that crazy celebrity that overheard to stewarts talking in private and got offended, she demanded their jobs for something that was not even directed at anybody, she was eavesdropping and still caused a fit in the media. Cant remember how that ended but most likely was not good for the flight crew. Theresa thing line until crazy, but the left keep pushing it farther and farther back, something that years ago, like a joke, we would say if you don't like it dont laugh, now its if you don't like it call the police.

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numberwang said:

I don't see the issue. Sure, she may have enjoyed the attention, but are we gonna ignore the fact that her parents and family most likely manipulated her as well? Most children will lie about something stupid (e.g Jimmy hit her or called her fat), not a highly political issue which can turn into an ugly legal battle. 

Anyone who personally attacked the 11 year old and were assholes need to reevaluate themselves as well. How low of a human being does one have to be in order to attack the girl and not criticize her family instead?

It's always a race to get a story out first (or as early as possible), so there tends to be little to no due diligence before writing a catchy headline and publishing.

Kids lie all the time... it's encouraging to see how quickly and seriously her claims were taken, and there's no reason for we members of the peanut gallery to get angry at an 11 year old girl. It would just be great if news outlets waited for confirmation before riling up the population.

Rayban99 said:

Leftist media has been desperately pandering to any group that could be used as anti-conservative votes for the past year. It's hilarious that they have the gay community defending Islam. A religion that will literally imprison and kill them if it ever becomes the law of the land.

I don't think so.   Its not the religion that kills people.  Its always the people.  Islam is just an idea.  You can't be conservative and anti Islam at the same time because fundamentally, freedom of religion is a tenant of that belief.  As a civil society, it our job to protect religious freedom while also making it separate from the state.  Any unchecked religion that was seriously law would become a killing tool. I think we now live in a world where people use words to describe themselves with no real meaning as to its origins or what it means.  Gay people can also be religious.  Islam can't itself kill and all religions should be keep away from the state. 

Wait so the girl lied about being attacked? For being Muslim. Okay so here is the deal, yes I understand that as a girl you may feel like people sometimes target you for being who you are, but making stuff up doesn't help you or anyone else. Yes we report about it because the last thing any civil human being wants is for hateful people to go around attack kids. I don't know what prompted you to do this but now you learned a much bigger and much harder lesson about telling the truth and who your actions can affect the world.

False police reports are now 'fake news'? What's next? Incorrect weather predictions?