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The_Liquid_Laser said:
In the original game, the hero is supposed to be no one special. Zelda is the princess and Ganon is the ultimate evil. Who is Link? A shmuck. He's a nobody that saves the land while overcoming impossible odds. That is why the story is cool. And it is also why the Legend is about Zelda.

The original concept of the game has greatly changed over the years.

You're the only person here who gives me a clear and concise answer. Everyone else is getting C4 up their asses.

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Why is it a Final Fantasy when its never Final?



Its because the legend is based on her


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Why is Yoshi's Island called Super Mario World 2 when it doesn't star Mario and has virtually nothing to do with the previous game?

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Why is it called F-Zero when Zero from Mega Man X is nowhere to be seen at school failing all his exams?

Ultrashroomz said:
Why is it called F-Zero when Zero from Mega Man X is nowhere to be seen at school failing all his exams?

Wow. Congratulations.

No, I mean it. That was great.

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It's because the stories are still nearly always about her. The events in the games revolve around Zelda, she's the focal point, and Link only does things for her. Moreover, Link's usually just an ordinary person at the start of the games, there's exceptions of course, but Zelda is always someone important.

Also, all you guys are geniuses.

Why Chrono TRIGGER isn't the story of a boy who gets triggered by his mom trying to wake him up to go to a festival that nobody care ?

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Because she kind of is central to the lore of the Zelda universe She's the incarnation of the goddess Hylia. You are her warrior of light who reincarnates time and time again when the world needs a hero to push back darkness. She is very much the central character and all the "why's" almost always revolve around her. Link might be the main protagonist and the player controlled character, but Zelda is the soul of the story. Goddess Hylia for the record is the legend, a story passed down the ages in that series.

People seriously still debate this? Nintendo answers this question for you if you play the freaking games.

Why is it called Resident Evil when the threat went global?

Link isn't the main character. He's not even a character.

They couldn't have named it "The Misadventures of Ganon, the Unlucky". So they just took the name of the nearest chick.

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