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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
monocle_layton said:

I was given a bet to watch it. Just can't handle animation which makes me want to puke

The original manga is what I consider to be the most beautiful manga. The level of detail in the original berserk is crazy

That berserk series is so bad , i only watched it because i love berserk. Dragon ball is ok, animation got a little bit worse. Its sad that almost everything now have worse animation. I barely watch anime these days, i am watching dragon ball because of nostalgia, same with berserk. Everything looks so fucking boring and bad that is not worth the time.

My Hero Academia and Mob Psycho are very fun shows. I think you'll enjoy both. Breaks out of the stereotypical anime style and are high quality

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Unpopular opinion from someone with nostalgia for it: DBZ is terrible as well. Has a few moments, but overall the highlight of what's wrong with Shonen anime.

Now, Academia on the other hand...

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Avatar is an anime. Anime isn't an art style and it's not a "Japanese animation." It's an artistic movement who's roots just happen to originate in Japan. Like French New Wave.

Well, this is new.


Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z weren't that great either, we're just nostalgic about it from our child / teenage days. I mean, anyone complaining about Freeza or 17 or whatever forgot that Goku oficially got 1,666 times stronger on a single day, back on the Freeza arc.

However, it has been spiraling downwards on plot, characters etc. ever since the Boo arc, so I guess Super it's just an evolution of what began to happen back then, with some cool moments and concepts here and there, such as Hit and Goku Black.






monocle_layton said:

1) Characters 

Tien, Yamcha, Piccolo, Gohan, and so many more simply turned into background noise as Goku and vegeta go Super Sand Lesbian or whatever the hell the next form is called. Why is it that these characters with thought put into them were now just thrown away? Even with the current arc, you don't feel the same intesity or pressure from the older series' fights. 


2) Ruined characters

Vegeta is a bitch, Goku is a complete dumbass, Trunks is an emotional 30 year old who looks 12 and probably shops at hot topic, Bulma is literally nothing but Ms.Einstein, Trunks and Goku Jr. both look exactly the same...

What I fail to understand is why the author of Dragon Ball believed these changes were necessary. We get that Goku is dumb, but it actually frustrates me seeing him turn into a useless idiot who can only punch things. 

vegeta changing character suddenly is also annoying. In fact, they felt the need to change so much to the point where it doesn't even feel as though it's them. Frieza is still as despicable as ever; why couldn't everyone else not be ruined?


3) Terrible pacing

Currently, things either take fifty thousand years or two seconds of explosions. Was Dragon Ball or Z the best at pacing? No, but they still made it interesting beyond explosions and boring plots. What's the point of trying to even build up if it merely involves Goku fighting X, powering up to Blue, and then needing Y to completely finish him/her off? 


4) Abhorrent plot

Take out any part of DBS right now and it won't change anything (except Beerus arriving). Frieza revived? Zamasu and Future Trunks? Universe 6 vs 7? Besides the introduction of characters, you can take these parts out without anything happening. It's irritating, especially since in the OG and Z we saw the arcs have impact on the rest of the story. 

To take it further, the plot is never good. In Naruto, we saw the Akatsuki and Orochimaru bring a lot of interesting things to the show. In My Hero Academia, we see the villains trying to attempt something strange. Black Butler saw the cult which wanted to purify everything. 

DBS fails to bring this excitement or twist. Frieza returning was an absolute disappointment, Beerus' revival was hot garbage (every episode was him going to destroy the earth, stopping because Jimmy brought cupcakes, and then Beerus being a baby because his food was stolen and threatening to destroy the earth - repeat the cycle for the first 15 episodes), Zamasu collapsed quickly, Future Trunks was annoying and had terrible development, Uni's 6v7 was decent, and the current arc is nothing short of disappointment. We knew how Naruto would end, but the way it happened was different than what a lot of people expected. No one believed it would ever evolve past orochimaru until we thought the Akatsuki would be the largest threat. 


5) Other stuff

The music? The same song or two played throughout every episode. The intros were both good, but the endings were terrible. However, that doesn't matter. What matters is the soundtrack, and it's as bland as soda from McDonald's. I don't want to hear the same mediocre strings song that brings no emotion whatsoever. I mean, come on. Do you really expect people to feel anything when you're stuck with dull plotlines and a piece you've had to hear literally every episode? 


Dragon ball and Z never had the best animation, but they had a style. It gave a personality to the show which Super lacks. Flashy colours and twenty forms of super saiyan will never impress me. To make it worse, this results in an inconsistent animation. I'd happily take Z's animation if it at least breathes some sort of soul into this miserable piece of creation.



I'd easily consider this the worst anime I've ever seen and one of the worst ever. Anyone on websites like myanimelist who have the audacity to give it anything above a 7 are ignoring the most irritable mistakes I have ever seen. This show isn't laughably bad - it's terrible to the point where I actually feel miserable watching it.

Imagine Naruto with only the fillers, and the fillers' plot were taken from a fan website. That is Dragon Ball Super for you.


Final Score: 1.5/10

1. It's true that most characters don't get a lot of screen time in the beginning. However, the main characters in the spotlight for the current arc include Frieza, Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, Krillin, 18, 17, Tien, Roshi, and Piccolo.


2. Vegeta has undergone what's known as a "character arc"; Goku is indeed stupid; Trunks has not only always acted like that, but has always dressed like that; Trunks and Goten look the same because it'd only been six months since the defeat of Buu. It seems more like you're looking for a reason to be upset with the characters.


3. The pace seems fine to me. Unless you're counting how quickly the lady saiyans are learning new Saiyan forms.


4. The entire point falls apart from the beginning. The Frieza arc not only brought back Frieza, but also gave Frieza his golden form and put him on par with Goku and Vegeta. Now that he's returned again, he's playing a massive role in the latest arc. The Future Trunks arc gave us updated rules on  potara fusion and the second Zen-oh. Universe 7 vs 6 made the multiverse feel more existent, gave us new Saiyans, introduced Zen-oh, and foreshadowed the current arc. Hell, there's more connected plot threads here than there were in Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z.


5. Again, more issues that were present in DBZ... Except animation, which has been addressed.



Overall, it seems like you just simply haven't watched anything in the Universal Survival Arc.

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if instead of regular 17, he had the appearance of Super 17, and Brolly was actually Brolly it would be a 10/10.

An anime I highly recommend is Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It's a 12 episode magical girl anime, but it's amazing. Tightly plotted, great characters, and other things I don't want to spoil. And 1 of those 12 episodes is my favorite episode of any show, live action or animated, of all time,

Areym said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
"1. One Punch Man (9.3/10)
2. Mob Psycho (8.8/10)"

Unrelated but that signature picture is a bit much, don't you think?

Nope. The burrito literally hides anything you could consider a bit much.

Dude, you shouldn't watch Dragon Ball Z(Cell arc and Buu arc) and Dragon ball Super, because the storyline is %100 about arrogant, it's painful to handle.

Edit: also, i don't mind the crappy animation xD

Blame future Trunks for messing with the timeline.

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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Areym said:

Unrelated but that signature picture is a bit much, don't you think?

Nope. The burrito literally hides anything you could consider a bit much.

But what is the original image?  I want to know.... for you know... science and stuff.