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Play the game 75 94.94%
No... stop. 4 5.06%

Ok I bought this game at launch and I feel guilty cause well, It's just there (Too busy playing other stuff) but now I'm done with Persona 5 and I need a bit more of Atlus. Should I play the game or should I move on? Do you like the game?

btw I don't care about the censorship or the japanese voice acting.


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If you loved Persona 5, I'd recommend it.

if not, then it's worth skipping.

From what I played of it, it is definitely a step down from Persona 5, but it's still enjoyable in its own right! I also like how you can swap out party members during battle, it gave me Final Fantasy X memories, and that's (almost) always a good thing!

The Wii Us swan song ... I put 400hrs into it, its the first Wii U game I recommend to anybody.

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The game has one of the best battle system of any turn-based RPG so plz go on.

There's a little corny story though ... But I still think getting the True Ending was worth it.

And you should do the side quests, they have really useful rewards ;)

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Of course.

One of my top games from 2016. Highly recommend it.

The game plays a lot like Persona without the time management, so if you liked the other aspects of Persona, you'll enjoy it. Plus Fire Emblem characters (albeit only from Shadow Dragon and Awakening) are incorporated nicely. Also Sugita's voice telling when Mirages are near...*bites lip*

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Yes. It's a persona lite.

Extremely good. I enjoy the combat in there more than persona. I love it so much.

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Story: If you dont mins typical anime stories then YES / Even more YES if you have some interest in the Japanese Idol / Actors culture

Combat: If you dont mind turn base + Grinding / Repetitive battles to level up then YES

From the character designs, the environment and the UI interface it is all COLOURFUL!

Lots of abilities to choose from for the characters.

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