If it's on a Microsoft console AND the PC, it's an exclusive.

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Alternative console exclusive facts...

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Medisti said:
No. If I can get it on another platform, like PC, then it's not exclusive. Why would I ever buy an Xbox version over PC?

Because not everyone has a gaming PC. The logic of Xbox haters is that apparently every single PC will play games at the same quality of an Xbox One is absolute crap. My pc has Windows 10 and it can't even play  Alan Wake which is a is like an 8 year old game. Also, if PC was the go to gaming system for everyone, every PC game would obliviorate PS4 and Xbox game sales, yet they never do.

Microsoft views Xbox/Windows 10 as the same thing now essentially I would think based on what they're doing, so yes games that are released on both of those are still Xbox exclusive because they can only be bought from the Xbox/Microsoft ecosystem, which now includes Windows 10. It's why they just label stuff as "Xbox One Console Exclusive" now since they know the games can be bought on Windows 10 but Xbox is the only console you can get them on other than that. 

A lot of people make the argument that well they no longer need to buy an Xbox for this game since they can just get it on Windows 10 but either way Microsoft is getting your money.

Games only on PC and Xbox are Microsoft exclusive since they can only be played on Microsoft platforms.

LivingMetal said:
Bandorr said:
Windows 10 - I'll give you.
Steam - no.

That would mean something like Nier automata is both a PS4 exclusive.. and a Microsoft exclusive.

Something like cuphead that is on Windows 10 AND steam... I'll still give you since the "not on another platform" kind of thing.

How about the first three titles of the Neptunia Re;birth series?  It's on VITA and Steam.

Equally weird. I'm going to go with the cuphead theory. "Yes because it's not on another platform". IE the competition doesn't have it.

Since the "console wars" are between Nintendo/Microsoft/Playstation games steam doesn't count really.

I'm fine with people Calling Nier Automata/Cuphead exclusive. I'm also fine if they want to argue the 'purity' of exclusive. Although is harder to do since a lot of PS games go to vita, and obviously xbox goes to windows 10.

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Wine would argue these Microsoft exclusives will one day all be non-exclusives :)

We used to call that a 'console exclusive.' Which in itself is some sad goalpost adjusting.

The same is argued against the PS4 and rightly so. The reason why it has come to this with the term of exclusivity is that neither the PS brand or the Xbox brand have much to offer in terms of actual exclusives anymore.

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It's not.... really, but these terminologies started once Microsoft entered the console industry. Let them have their training wheel words. Other companies can uphold tradition

pokoko said:
If I can only buy the game on PC from a Microsoft source then I'm fine with calling it an "Xbox exclusive". If I can buy it from Steam? No, it's not.

nope, it;s Microsoft exclusive, not xbox exclusive. If the game is available on ps4 and pc, it's console exclusive.

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