Xbox One X will launch for $499

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Your thoughts?

TOO HIGH! 544 73.91%
Is actually a decent price 131 17.80%
For 4k gaming? Steal 61 8.29%

I am hyped for it...but that price is an entry barrier that most gamers aren't going to want to try and enter. But considering this will play Xbox One, 360, Xbox and now X games it's a decent price if you are a true Xbox fan.

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Thats too much, and Anthem is on PS4 too, so is Metro, Assassins Creed, Shadow of War and Life is Strange 2

Well, Spencer did say it was a premium prouct.Still, too expensive for the general market.Outside of the releasing month, I think this will be dead on arrival

More importantyly only 2 retail exlcusives(Forza 7 and Crackdown 3) set to release on Xbox One for the remainder of the year. Bringing the grand total for 2017 to 3.

Yeah, that was a bummer, but still buying it.

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As PS4 Pro Day 1 buyer you have zero regrets now, not that it would be for me in the first place as i am a PSfanboy

Yeah, I'll just get an XB1S then, when the time comes that I want to get it.

accurate price for a 360mm² 16nm process APU with a liquid cooling system, 12GB of GDDR5 ram and power management to make every chip run at it's optimal power state

but in the console business this historically hasn't been much of a mass market price

Snoopy said:
Im purchasing it, but it isn't for everyone unless you want best experience with third party titles without having to game PC (I hate pc gaming).

Except the third party games you can only play on PS4. Switch will probably get a number of good ones as well.

Anyway I expected this price. But I also thought they'd show us more of an incentive to get an XBOX.
It was hard to see that in the presentation.