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1) wait for something terrible to happen


2) Take advantage of someone being emotionally shocked


3) make idiotic claims to give you five seconds of fame in an irrelevant career


4) have your little altright trolls support whatever you say as their 'skeptical thinking' accepts anything their overlords say.



And there you have it. People seem to always manipulate these terrible events just to get supporters. I recall seeing a tabloid which reported on a taxi driver who helped people after the attack. They mistook the Sikh driver for a Muslim, probably as a way to point out the obvious fact that not all Muslims are bad.


It's a shame how we have such morons leading the way in this issue. As long as we continue to see conflicts rise in the Middle East and not address the issues in the Muslim community PROPERLY, then things won't get much better. It's much simpler than 'hur hur kill da muzlems' or 'isis is not da true islaym'.

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It's Milo. His name and face is probably listed on the definition of asshole. Right below the description of asshole being an alternative word for anus.

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Stop giving them attention.

Thanks, I was just wondering how to do this.

There is an easier way: be a dog.

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BraLoD said:
There is an easier way: be a dog.

dogs > humans

Natsu said:
BraLoD said:
There is an easier way: be a dog.

dogs > humans


BraLoD said:
There is an easier way: be a dog.

But most dogs are directly reflective of their owner. So if you had an owner that was an asshole, you would likely also be an asshole but in a subordinate kind of way...

Well, you got my attention from the thread alone, so I guess it's working?

Now make a thread on how to be a good woman:

- Make me sandwich.
- Fetch me some beer.
- No talking or cuddling after sex.
- etc...


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