Is Wii U now worth it?

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Is Wii U worth it?

Yes, now that it has its crown jewel. 36 16.00%
Yes, it already was a sys... 126 56.00%
Nope. 63 28.00%

I'm currently playing Breath of the Wild and it is probably the finest game I've ever played.  It's a game so good, it's almost worth buying a system for on its own.  I think most Switch owners would agree.  But for the Wii U owners, those who have sat through droughts and some less than ideal game titles, does Breath of the Wild complete the system?  Is Breath, along with WWHD, XCX, SM3DW, MK8, SSB and a number of other very good games enough to justifiy the purchase?

I'd say yes.  The game is that ridiculously good.

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The Wii U has been worth it for a while. If you jump on board now there are some great games.

It depends on which games you like, but IMO it was already worth it.

It was worth it since 2015 if you ask me.

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WiiU already has more than enough content to have made the console worth the price. But they are no longer being produced so at this point its pretty much only clearance or re-sellers if you do want one.

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It has already been worth it long before BotW.

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It was already.It already had too many good games to justify the purchase.But now its hard to recommend to someone when you have the Switch and that all the support will go to it, with the chance of the best Wii U games being ported to it.

It is if you accept that there might not be any more new games coming to the console.

Cause the wiiU is still at $300 which is still pretty pricey and the games on the platform isn't exactly discounted very much. We also have a few games which are on the switch like BoTW (which has better performance) and MK8 Deluxe. There might be even more ports coming to the Switch as well.

So overall, depends on the person. WiiU has plenty of games to play, many of which are excellent but you can also get a switch for the same price and get more games in the future (granted there aren't that many which are available now).

For me, it was worth getting the system in the past. If I were to get it now... Idk cause me personally would just emulate everything on PC instead.


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I feel that the console gave me countless hours of enjoyment since launch day.  It was definitely worth the money I spent...and it still gets regular use.

That said, with the release of Switch, I would have a hard time recommending someone that didn't own one go purchase a "U" at full retail (if that is even feasible at this point).  If a used one could be picked up on the cheap, and all the good games it had were readily available, I'd say go for it.

If you get it at a cheap price, say, 150-225 dollars, it's totally worth it. It has now a decent and robust lineup.