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OK, I don't want to really harp on this for too long, but the criticisms in the OP are pretty weak. There is a legitimate counter to everyone of them. There are genuine criticisms about the game though.

1. Loading screens.

There's a lot to say about this one. I understand why there are loading screens, and they aren't even very long, but it's still annoying. This especially becomes an issue because there are some places where loading screens definitely did not need to be there, specifically with the shrines. I don't understand why all of the shrines couldn't be put under ground in the overworld. Ironically, it's probably too will leave the workload loading the overworld itself. There are game development trickster could've been done to negate this, however. It just feels like every 10 steps you take you have to suffer through a loading screen. My biggest grievance with the loading screens or not that they exist, however. It's that they are not well hidden.

In Metroid prime, loading screens were hidden by visuals that made attempts to keep you immersed in the experience of the game. It seems like an extreme failure of game design that Nintendo did not try to replicate that here. When you going down into a shrine, the loading screen should look like you're going down into a shrine, instead of looking like a stock loading screen. When you're teleporting, the loading screen should look like something is happening to link well he's teleported to keep you into the experience.

2. Voice acting

It's not very good, and there's not enough of it. My problem is really with the characters with accents. And I'm not sure about this, but they sound like they are faking the accents, and it's super obvious. This is one of those things where I wish Nintendo of Europe did the dub, because treehouse is pretty bad when it comes to voice casting and directing. Even so, it's not the end of the world, except that there's not nearly enough of it. I guess this is one of those situations where you have to choose where to allocate resources, but the cut scenes are very short, and there are not a lot of them. I wouldn't mind this if the rest of the dialogue that wasn't in the cut scenes was voice active as well, but that's not the case. That's a huge missed opportunity. Even with mediocre voice acting, it would've added to the game. Not using voice acting when they could clearly afford it just feels extremely cheap. Plain and simple.

3. Enemy diversity.

This is another one of those situations where trade-offs clearly had to be made, and perhaps it was for the best, but the diversity of enemies in this game is severely lacking when compared to other 3D Zelda games. It's just a shame, because enemies don't define these ecosystems like they did in prior Zelda games. They're really just reskins of each other.

4. Inventory.

Traversing the menus in this game is a mess. It's very clunky and not intuitive at all. I suspect that's a casualty of the menu being designed for use on the gamepad.

5. Memories.

Less of a criticism and more of a missed opportunity, but they really dropped the ball with how they did the memories. Instead of a 30 second cutscene telling us very little about what happened 100 years ago, they really should have been playable flashbacks. This really would have done well with Zelda's "two worlds" gimmick in a way that is interesting, and more importantly, it would have actually put the player in Link's shoes, giving the player those memories too instead of just watching from afar. It especially would have helped the player bond with the champions more, because they really don't get any real time dedicated to them.

Anyway, still my new favorite game of all time. Could have been better, though.

Well, this is new.


- Voice acting needs to be improved, it is one of the worst examples ever and reminds me of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLQ8Mqyf8sw
If they cannot afford professional voice actors that take their job seriously, Treehouse or NoE should do the voice actng themselves. Also the Japanese audio and the posibility to mix languages of voice and subtitles needs to be included.

- Cooking should be more convenient, a cookbook should remember recipes and allow quick access

- Where is the music, Zelda used to have one of the best soundtracks in the gaming industry, now it is all gone and replaced with nature sounds or really bad music while ridung

- more locations like great ferries and the temple of time need to be available for fast travel

- the menu usability could be improved, the food tab needs to be placed before the ingredients tab and right next to equipment because you have to scroll through the tabs and sub-tabs a thousand times a day during exploration and combat and you do not need ingredients that often. There also needs to be a way to scroll through whole tabs at once, without sub tabs. this could save thousands of unnecessary analog stick presses every day

-an auto map feature would be nice, to allow you to know where you have already been and where not and to automatically map locations in more detail

- an easy mode could enhance weapon durability by factor 10 and allow enemies to drop little hearts or healing items / food so that you do not need to cook, healing items and elixirs in general should be more readily available without cooking

- known glitches need to be fixed

- shrines should be more varied in graphical assets, they all look the same

- the tips displayed while loading should be vastly expanded to cover dogs, mounts, fishing, weapon effects against heat / cold and more

- more menus to quickly access suits, headgear, footwear, healing items by holding L or R + dpad

- performance issues should be fixed by lowering shadow and effect quality in these locations or by playing with other resource-heavy GPU parameters. Intelligent performance optimization without much loss in graphical quality should get a higher priority during development.

- Sidequests and shrines need to be worth doing, the reward must be special and worth the effort. After 50 hours, even the shrines do not seem provide enough incentive if hearts and stamina are already sufficient.

-Heart pieces are an important part of Zelda and must come back in the next game

-Xenoblade X like camera controls and a Skyrim-like first person mode would be nice

-The collect all memories part of the story is boring and lenghty and therefore should be replaced with a real actual story. The fill the empty enceclopedia part is even more boring and tedious.

-You should be able to play without gamepad on Wii-U, motions controls should be emulated where needed if the Pro controller is used. The gamepad screen should be completely off when using Pro controller instead of displaying blinking distractions. Alternatively the map and UI functions should be brought back to the gamepad.

-And in general, I would like to see more classic Zelda items and a overworld which is designed around them with more Metroidvania-style gameplay which still could be open world. Also a much bigger but still optional focus on a meaningful engaging story would be nice, in the way Xenoblade (not X) does it. Also in the vastly empty world, the density of content could be higher.

Mar1217 said:

You surely meant not enough Mipha x Link


I like them, tho I care more about my gay af gerudo

Hrmmmmm, as someone who DOES really enjoy the game, I will say that the focus on the open world does seem to render elements like the four Guardians a bit anemic in terms of content. I probably spent longer just REACHING the various locales than I had to actually dealing with the preliminary entry quests, the Guardian battle, the Guardian dungeon, and the boss in each one.

In addition, an awful lot of the side quests seem to be purely fetch quests. o_o "Get me Goron spice, get me fifty bundles of wood, get me ten pieces of amber, get me get me get me...'

Now, none of that really bothers me cause I've spent three days straight in full 'I'M ON AN ADVENTURE! =D' mode, wandering from one end of Hyrule to the other; I think the game is really, really awesome when I'm just wandering, seeing what I bump into, because I've bumped into a lot of cool shit. I stumbled upon the Master Sword largely by accident, found some really cool creatures I won't spoil here, a weird maze that led to a shrine, etc. I'm sure the place is still riddled with secrets I haven't found- there are entire regions that serve no particular purpose to the main story, after all.

But whenever I try to focus more on any kind of 'to do list,' whether it was sidequests or the main plot, the game became somewhat less spectacular for me.

Oh, and I was kind of disappointed that beating the final boss doesn't seem to do... much of anything. o_O Does it even save the fact that you did it? When I was finished the Guardian quest in Gerudo, some Captain of the Guard asked if I wanted to join them; when I said 'sure!' she replied that 'Oh, well, the chief told me you're on a super important mission, so maybe after! ;D ' This was at a time I had defeated the Guardian, so I assumed that maybe there were some quests that popped up after Ganon was ganked. Buuuut nope, it just ended up reloading the save I made right before going into the boss room.

Final Fantasy 15 was kind of similar for me, but they at least gave you a cool shiny thing and let you 'go back' to a point where you weren't reminded of said end-game boss. x3 With Zelda there's a big, evil miasma-spewing castle and weekly blood moons to remind you 'HEY, GANON'S STILL THERE.' For whatever reason, every time a big open-world game goes the route of 'You Defeated The Scourge Of Humanity, Congratulations! Time To Go Back To Five Minutes Before You Did It And Pretend It Never Happened!' it kind of dents the accomplishment for me.

Would have much preferred something like 'Oh, Ganon has been slain, but there's still monsters to slay, remnants of his evil to mop up, so strap on your sword and go hunt em down!!!' Clear the evil stuff from the Castle, maybe stick Bolson Construction in there as if efforts to rebuild it were underway, sprinkle some Hylians throughout the countryside and call it a day. That's not even counting the potential DLC that could have expanded on the idea of actually rebuilding Hyrule.

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Uhh theres VERY good music in this game but its very scarce.

JWeinCom said:
The only major complaint I have is that the final boss was kind of underwhelming. I did all the dungeons before hand, unlocked the *spoiler maybe* master sword, and had decent armor and meals. I was way overprepared.

I don't consider it as a complaint. You did what you wanted to do and prepared for the final showdown and succeeded. If you wouldn't have done that, you would probably had some difficulties. 

On the other hand, if all the preparations were actually for nothing I would've been feeling cheated.

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Button placement is fucking awful. A should be jump, B should be sprint/accept, Y should remain attack, and X can keep being cancel/put away weapon.

The motion puzzles are absolute garbage and single handedly ruin every shrine they're in.

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I don't really have anything to complain about. I wish that maybe there were more big towns to get lost in.


There's still a lot I haven't explored though. I only just found Gerudo town, and I want more towns like that one.

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Peh said:
JWeinCom said:
The only major complaint I have is that the final boss was kind of underwhelming. I did all the dungeons before hand, unlocked the *spoiler maybe* master sword, and had decent armor and meals. I was way overprepared.

I don't consider it as a complaint. You did what you wanted to do and prepared for the final showdown and succeeded. If you wouldn't have done that, you would probably had some difficulties. 

On the other hand, if all the preparations were actually for nothing I would've been feeling cheated.

They should have made it so that the boss is a reasonable challenge for people who have beaten the four dungeons, since it's indicated that's what you should do.  The only thing I really went out of my way for was to get the Master Sword.  Even without using the Master Sword, and deactivating the champion abilities, he was still fairly easy.