What will you do after you're dead?

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areason said:
72 virgins, kappa.

Pfft, is that all

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Try to die again to see what happens.

Haunt the White House.

I plan on having a recurring roll on the Walking Dead TV show, as a zombie. Yeah, the pay is not that good, but it's all you can eat brains baby. That's all a zombie really cares about anyways.


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ktay95 said:
areason said:
72 virgins, kappa.

Pfft, is that all

They will be fugly. The ones that men wouldn't touch on earth. So they die virgins.


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Become the lead role in a SoL anime.

Just had my ass handed to me in CoD (first time playing Infinite today)...cry a little, watch some porn, study the maps at work tomorrow, go at it again.

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well, live in a 2d japan where all that matters is to become a high school student and meet my senpai.


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Be dead? What else is there to do?

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