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SvennoJ said:


If you ever have vr on pc also try altspace https://altvr.com

It is a social vr room where people have meetings/Quizes/play games etc.

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fedfed said:
a one off game I can see it - the future - maybe too much!

but come on - Zelda VR?

That would be great!

I can alresdy imagine grannies' jaws dropping as they enter undetected the rooms of Ninty otaku grandchildren fapping on Zelda VR or Samus VR.   

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I'm not really "worried" about VR technology for the precise reason that it can be presumed the technology will only get better. You can already see it moving in a direction toward permitting more multi-player offerings. Besides which, in my view, many of the best games are actually single-player experiences anyway.

But Nintendo didn't worry about the kids while making the Virtual Boy...

I dont think Miyamoto is the only one with doubts on VR

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SvennoJ said:

Isn't the Vive the most work to set up right?

I own a Vive and setup was fairly simple.  The initial setup might be a little longer because of room scale capability you need to mount the 2 sensors to the wall.

Besides that it just plugging in a few cables to the computer.

Download steam if you dont already have it.  install steam VR and run through the calibration setup.

After that inital setup, all I do is open a HTC VIVE game (which will also automatically launch everything needed to play vive)  then put on my headset and start playing.

I personally love my vive.  Raw Data proberly my favorite game (but I cant play it more then a hour at a time at my current fitness level, since by then I usually covered in sweat).  I more of a fan of the games that take advantage of room scale.  The seated VR experience neat but I tend to notice the flaws in resolution etc more when am seated.  Technology need to improve a bit before computers can handle the idear seated experience for me.

When am moving around through dodging things, ducking for cover etc am to into the experience for me to notice the flaws and I get feel of immersion that I looking for out of vr.

I just wish I had it when I was a little younger and I could drop to ground, jump and move around quickly for hours without worrying about knee pain or running out of breath.  It have given me a bit of motivation to get in better shape so at least that a plus.

I'm sure he does.

This guy needs to retire.

He's out of touch with reality.

DonaldJTrump said:
I'm sure he does.

This guy needs to retire.

He's out of touch with reality.

Your post and your profile name/picture should go hand-to-hand, lol.

BraLoD said:
But Nintendo didn't worry about the kids while making the Virtual Boy...

That was Gunpei project really rest his soul. He was a lot different. 


m_csquare said:
  mobile phone, cos that exactly what mobile phone brings to our community today.

Even though. 9/10 times someone is texting or talking to a person, on their phone.