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monocle_layton said:

I'm sure we've had this already, but it's interesting nonetheless!


I fluently speak English and Arabic, and know a small amount of German and Hebrew (enough to carry small talk). 


Interesting! I have a friend (and his whole family) who know the exact same languages at just about the same level (pretty good in German). You're not in Australia are ya haha? I know English and Arabic (Some Lebanese but better with classical Arabic)

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Abd s bit of German

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

My first language is English. I have very rusty French which improves very quickly with practice, and 'tourist' German.

English and Vietnamese. I took first year Latin in college but it's all but gone :(

English, C#, VB.NET, Java, SQL

And learning Dutch.

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Italian and english.

Spanish, English (in that order) and, currently, I'm casually learning German. I would like to learn to speak Japanese one day, but the language still intimidates me, so Italian would go after German.

And as one witty gentleman above, I also know Java, SQL, C# and will learn .NET this upcomming semester :P

Dutch, French, English, some German and I'm learning Japanese.

German, English and le French.

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