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    Do you like the PS5 console design?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 June 2020

    Yes, I love it. I would still prefer it black tho. Also, this one will definitely stand vertical for me, it looks much better. This might be the console that makes me go all digital too. Will just buy an external SSD to store the games I'm not currently playing (never more than 3 at a time anyways) . ...

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    Best overworld theme in a PS1 RPG?

    in Sony Discussion on 15 February 2020

    I read the title of the topic and I immediately thought of FFIX's, but it seems you already added it. Nice. Also, FFIX's Hilda Garde is my favourite airship theme too, altho that's not what this topic is about. ...

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    The VGChartz Website Development Thread - Post Suggestions/Feedback.

    in Website Topics on 18 May 2019

    Probably this is way too far fetched of a suggestion, but it seems you guys made your own forums solution for this website (at least I haven't found any obvious traces of forums software I know of) and it shows sometimes (totally expected, though; a forum software is kind of a big thing). If so, have you considered switching to a largely supported forum software and then to extend the rest of the...

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    What do you say to judgmental people that say Superhero films are for kids ?

    in General Discussion on 10 April 2019

    I could only care enough to react like this: ...

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    Active shooter situation reported in Christchurch, New Zealand

    in Politics Discussion on 15 March 2019

    He released a manifesto in 8chan. He mentioned all of those names on purpose to raise tension and to try to provoke some sort of civil war on social media and keep the news about this going as long as possible, and it is sort of working great, idiot journalists are already blaming pewdiepie for this and what not... Of course these journalists won't miss a chance on profiting from these tragedies...

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    How did you discover VGChartz?

    in General Discussion on 22 February 2019

    Basically, I was a Sony fanboy trying to fight the best I could in the console war of PS3 vs Xbox 360, so I was looking for any info and reference about stuff like sales, exclusive games receptions, etc, to throw them to Xbots right in the face. That's how I found this site on Google. Fortunately I got bored and grew out of the console war (in that order). I'm no longer a Sony fanboy, I'm just a...

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    Antifa Protestors Throw Garbage at Conservatives Eating Breakfast.

    in Politics Discussion on 09 August 2018

    Antifa and the radical left "activism" is so ridiculously counter-productive that it crosses my mind that the mastermind behind it might be right-wing, because the only thing this type of "activism" is achieving is making the left look worse. The rest of the left won't dare to distance itself enough from these people probably because they're too afraid of loosing any "virtue" by not siding with...

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    Would you save Ellie?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 July 2018

    chakkra said: GribbleGrunger said: Would you let your daughter die: Poll: 14 YES Nice people. Ok, 1) She was not his daughter.   And 2) You are forgetting that, in order to save her, he had to murder a bunch of people in cold blood.  A bunch of people that were there risking their lives trying to prevent others from enduring the same pain that HE endured....

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    Would you save Ellie?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 July 2018

    Yes. Maybe guilt but no regret. My child literally means the world to me, so if the world is the price to save my child, so be it. Yes it is selfish, I don't care, it's my child. I could accept sacrificing myself, but my child? ...

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    Half A Billion Fewer Animals Are Being Killed Every Year Since 2007 As People Eat Less Meat

    in General Discussion on 23 February 2018

    Vegan haters are on the rise, tho; thirsty for a chance to trigger vegans....

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    Font size and line-height issue on posts

    in Website Topics on 21 January 2018

    Bump: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=234324...

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    Trump administration bars Haitians from U.S. visas for low-skilled work

    in Politics Discussion on 18 January 2018

    vivster said: His voters are gonna be so happy to finally be able to work the fields 15h a day in 40°C heat. No more immigrants stealing all the good jobs. #MAGA I don't think that the argument of fear of immigrants stealing jobs are for the people who have the privilege of going after a nice job. Poor/uneducated people want a job; any job, and just bringing more poor people...

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    Sweden has become a lawless state

    in Politics Discussion on 07 January 2018

    RolStoppable said: The problem is that Sweden has too many white people. Go to any country in this world where white people constitute the majority and you will find political issues and imperfect societies. ...

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    Font size and line-height issue on posts

    in Website Topics on 18 December 2017

    I think it's an error of the styling of the website, as all elements ultimately follow the website's stylesheet unless it's within an iframe. It's on the website's control how things are displayed. The font-size is indeed attached to the element, but the line-height that produces this effect is in a class of this website. In the headers available in rich text reply the issue is still visible,...

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    Font size and line-height issue on posts

    in Website Topics on 18 December 2017

    Like in this topic http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=233685 Current CSS at gc-forums.css: .post-body {    font-size: 14px!Important;    color: #4b4b4b !important;    line-height: 120%;    font-family: 'Calibri', 'Trebuchet MS','Arial','Helvetica','sans-serif';} I don't know the reasoning of that implementation, like if...

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    HOLY CRAP!!!! Don Donald Trump, Capo of the corrupt United States oval office has lied or misled you more than 1600 times since Jan 20, 2017.

    in Politics Discussion on 16 December 2017

    TWP's Fact Checker Database It's quite a read, and having read the first page, at least, it states that it counts for mostly repeated claims. These "claims" include backtracks, disagreements with experts (probabilities), "exaggerations", what Trump considers remarkable (and someone at the TWP doesn't), between others, according to The Washington Post. These, are very broad and mostly...

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    Check out the new Firefox Quantum

    in General Discussion on 17 November 2017

    It's nice, but it ditched my most liked Firefox Feature: Heavy UI Costumization. Addons like Classic Theme Restorer just can't do what they could do in previous versions. I hope they bring that feature back....

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    NeoGAF in shambles (now back, no OT discussion, statement from Evilore)

    in General Discussion on 22 October 2017

    VGPolyglot said: Edellus said: Why do you say he's making no sense? I also happen to agree with that tweet. So, the men who are promoting feminism are the sexists in your mind? "The" sexist? Nope. I think plenty of them are sexist and prone to take advantage of the situation. I think it is one thing to be an ally of something and an other to be part of something....

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    NeoGAF in shambles (now back, no OT discussion, statement from Evilore)

    in General Discussion on 22 October 2017

    jason1637 said: Lawlight said: Why do you always feel targeted in these types of threads? I've always said that vocal male feminists are dodgy and now it's coming to light that, yeah, they are. I think Julian Assange has put it nicely: https://twitter.com/julianassange/status/921760921931927552 Can you fucking stop. You're making no sense and  that tweet is so...

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    Avatars, your thoughts on them, and their importance?

    in General Discussion on 01 October 2017

    I think it is important if you want to be a persona within a community, precisely to be unique when being recognized. The max avatar size in here adds up to that, I think (biggest avatars I've seen in any forums ever) I, for instance, am not interested in becoming a persona in here. I'm not sure why, but perhaps it's the strong anime/otaku/japanese (I'm not  sure which applies) influence...

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