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What are you ranting about?

The console price? 72 18.05%
the peripherals price? 61 15.29%
not being a truly home console? 23 5.76%
not being a truly handheld console? 3 0.75%
the battery life? 14 3.51%
the graphic department? 24 6.02%
nintendo not following the 2 others path? 6 1.50%
not enough games? 73 18.30%
all of the above? 96 24.06%
just because? 27 6.77%

My few beefs with the console are the paid online and overpriced controllers. The console price itself is fair, though on the high end of what I was expecting/hoping for, especially if it doesn't come bundled with a game. What I think Nintendo shoud have done is either make a bare-bones pack for $250 and/or make a $300 pack that includes a game (maybe 1, 2 Switch or Arms) and possibly even a pro controller. Wii was $250 WITH a game ready to play out of the box, and a great one at that. 

If the online system is strong enough though, I'd be fine with at least a small monthly fee. Other than that, I love what I'm seeing and have very few issues. I do wonder a bit about those small joycons with the joystick so close to the buttons working with my large(ish) hands, but overall I'd give the console a solid B+ based on what I've seen. 

Hardware looks great, and the launch (window) lineup actually looks really solid to me. Maybe a bit light on the NEW titles and heavy on the ports/deluxe versions, but that's typical for a console launch, and I'm willing to bet most Switch owners will had never had a Wii U anyway (and thus many of the ports will be essentially new to them). 

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Launch lineup
Battery life
SKU options
Internal memory for downloading games (32gb in 2017????)
Lack of solid approach towards the now paid online services
No carry-over on previous eshop purchases
Paid online for an infrastructure that clearly isn't good enough to charge for
High probability that it won't fit in my pocket like my 3DS
Inability to use TV out without the dock
Low spec for the high price
High probability of mobile-ported shovelware

The benefit–cost ratio. Expensive for a portable. Powerless for a home console. I wouldn't mind if it have this exact same power, but for a $249 (with a cut to $199 within 2 years). I don't care that much for better graphics and I don't think power will ever be Nintendo thing again. For $299, I would expect at least close XOne power when docked, more storage capacity and some triple A third-party games at launch.

Also, paid online would make sense if Nintendo decided to play the big boys game with a premium device (third-parties massive support, great online multiplayer functionalities and free games monthly). Paying to play only Mario Kart and Splatoon online seems pointless and greedy.

The price of the peripherals is unbelievable. A Switch plus a pro controller (for a true good home console experience) will cost more than a PS4.

I think I can condensate the majority of the problem in one: the joy-cons.

That little motherfuckers costs too much. I though that Nintendo only gimmick for Switch would be the dock-undock thing and that would be a good thing. But no. They couldn't resist to put some more gimmick thing nobody wants. So they could make a stupid game like 1, 2, Switch. They simply tried to put Wii U, GBA and Wii in the same device.

Where to start? I'll write everything down one last time and then I'll let those that are happy with it be happy with it.

It seems to be a weak concept. There's too many questions, and too many times where you could ask yourself "Why?" There's no real solid argumentation for this whole thing. Let's start with the Dock, because this thing is patient zero. I really don't know why this thing is necessary. I take it it's supposed to give it some kind of home-console feel, but in reality it isn't anything other than an oversized HDMI-adaptor. So why isn't there just an HDMI connector? I've mentioned already that if they really just wanted a connection to a tv, this could have just as well have been facilitated through some kind of dongle.

The Dock blocks the screen of the tablet naturally because it has to be inserted into the Dock to play on tv. So who is this system for? If you want a home-console you're paying for a screen you wouldn't use, while if you want a handheld you get all kinds of extra pieces of plastic. So according to Nintendo the point is obviously that it's for both and that you play at home and then can take the tablet with you so you won't stop playing. This was elaborately shown in the reveal video last year, however this is totally unrealistic. For one if I'm going away I'm probably going somewhere I can't play anyway. If I'd take it to a party and play there I'd look like (and be, actually) a total anti-social ass. Nobody is going to the basketball court and sit around with eight Switches either, the whole premise is laughable.

Speaking about portability, is it really? For one I suppose it's pretty big. But worse, it comes with a bunch peripherals which I would need, those Joy-Cons. Then, battery-life is 2-6 hours (you can usually take off half an hour from what's reported) and I take it that 6 hours is only going to happen when I'm only in the Home Screen doing nothing. Playing any sort of real game will probably take it down to that 2 hours, maybe 3 if you're lucky. So I'll need a charge pack and wires of some sort. By now, I'll need a backpack of stuff just to take it with me, which obviously isn't going to happen. Lastly if that rumour of different style Joy-Con with different buttons and stuff turns out to be true it'll become even more of a spectacular mess. It's just a bad idea. You get both home- and handheld with the Switch, but neither in a good way.

About the Joy-Con, I guess it's neat that they're advanced versions of the Wii-mote, but why are they necessary? So they say you can un-attach them from the tablet and use one of them as a full controller and play multiplayer together. I wonder when they think this is going to happen, or how this is a comfortable way to play, huddled around a screen that's now too small for this with tiny controllers that in no way look comfortable. It's funny how people were dismissive of that one company that made a tablet that's connectable to a tv with detachable controllers, but now that Nintendo made exactly the same thing, everything's good. Besides, what happened to that anyway? Did Nintendo got lazy and actually buy that concept, or did they really have the same bad idea? As a sidenote I doubt this Switch is actually the NX Iwata was talking about, because it just doesn't follow what he said. They should have made a handful of form-factors, each able to add to the other in some way, running the same architecture.

Anyway so getting back to who it's actually for? It's too cumbersome and inconvenient to be a good handheld, while it's not comfortable and powerful enough to be a good home-console. This will alienate a lot of people. It alienates me.

Then the software, starting with 1,2,Switch. This is stupid, and it doesn't make sense as a game at all. Why would I want to play this? Nintendo apparently thinks trying to guess the number of icecubes in a glass is modern entertainment. Then the premise is that with the Joy-Cons you can play "games" without a screen at all! So why would I need the system then? I'd rather just eat a real sandwich. Or get a real glass with icecubes.

Then there's Arms, which has the most generic name I have ever heard. If you haven't seen footage, then how would I even know what it means? Doesn't everything have arms? Well except worms I guess. At least there's actual gameplay unlike 1,2,Switch, but this will not have enough content to justify a seperate release, and moreover, it's seems like an idea from 2006. Nintendo thinks they can still bank on ideas from a decade ago, while nobody, at least not the general public, cares one bit about these motion things anymore. So what's left for me that the Switch offers? Not much. Mario won't release until the end of the year, Zelda's on WiiU and Mario Kart is just a port of 8 that supposedly doesn't even have added tracks. So why release it anyway, why not just have a guy design tracks 24/7 for the last three years since 8's release so you could release Mario Kart 9 by now? Splatoon then maybe. Ignoring that I wasn't interested in the first game to begin with, it seems the only hook for this second one is "dual-wielding", which is not impressive. So it's Zelda, I guess, then nothing, until Mario.

Finally, the third-party offerings, which are all token. Nevermind the terrible presentation of every single one of them; EA is bringing a port of Fifa and 2K a port of NBA2K, both of which require no effort, Bethesda a port of Skyrim, which is old and done for, and Squareenix some kind of 2D sprite-based game while they have Final Fantasy XV/VII and Kingdom Hearts 3 laying around. What does that tell me? That they'll be gone the minute these games unavoidably sell terribly. Why does Nintendo allow such half-hearted attempts anyway? Don't they want to have the top of the line games from these companies? Why settle for the B-lineup?

And then I didn't even talk about price. For what it brings, it should have been at least €$100 less. This adds into the part about who it's actually for, because it's too expensive for those wanting a handheld. Controllers, accessoiries all too expensive, and to top it off there's paid-online now, which makes Splatoon especially expensive, because it's a multiplayer game. The Dock is €90, which is unexplainable because it's, again, an oversized adaptor and just a hunk of plastic. Price in Europe is a rip-off, why does it need to be €329 here? It's not even about whether people can't afford an extra €30, it's about being ripped off. The usual 1:1 $/€-conversion already means things are usually more expensive here, so what's that extra €30 supposed to be for other than milk us out of some extra money?

In conclusion, this system has a shaky foundation, and every decision regarding it is questionable. I guess in the poll I'll have to check "All of the above" then. But I digress, and there you have it all in one place. I won't complain much anymore because it's depressing, and like I said, those that were pleasantly surpised, please remain pleased with what the Switch offers you.

I am expecting a couple more good games at launch!


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I have another problem with the Switch I didn't mention in my first post. Why are there no purple Joy-Cons at launch? Since the GameCube had a handle on it, it was Nintendo's first portable home console. And my GameCube was purple. The Switch is Nintendo's new portable home console. I want my Switch to be purple too.


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Nothing. It is a cool new handheld with something extra on the side. Something unique and nobody has to explain new consoles but nintendo, cause they are the only ones innovating.

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There is nothing to rant about, it's just a device I never asked for. I have zero interest in it, unless someone will hack it and turns it into a great emulation machine.

Could have had a nothing option to see the results when you don't rant...

Nothing about Switch stands out for me, But I will keep an open mind and wait about a year or so. First Console in my gaming life that doesn't excite me for a purchase. (Only time will tell)

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