[FAKE] Rumor/Leaked: MK8 Switch will have a New Battle Mode, 24 Extra Tracks and 10 New Characters

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They have posted Switch stuff before on their site like the starter pack, and that long charger. 

This might also mean that the MK8 dlc tracks are included in those numbers...... Hopefully not! 

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24 new tracks??? At what point does it stop becoming mk8? loll


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Those prices though....wtf

Don't worry to much about the prices listed, they always put placeholder prices that are well above the cost of the product. E.g. they have the Switch listed for $999.99. 

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$1000 for a switch sounds pretty cheap...




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24 tracks meaning 6 cups, it could be the 4 DLC ones (since it says Extra and not NEW like for the Battle Mode and the characters) + 2 completely new cups or all the DLC ones AND 6 new ones which would bring the total ammount of cups to 18 !
Either way it's a really solid ammount of content !

Day 1!!! Really digging the red cases.

I hope those new characters are baby Koopalings.

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Great patch! Now they only have to tell me how I get my Wii U disc into my Switch.

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So, this lines up exactly with what Emily Rogers reported back in November, for the record: