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hershel_layton said:
Pavolink said:

Yep. Mulan is better than anything Disney has done these last years.


Let's not forget that Ariel was also strong.

Moana and the princess from Brave can also be added to that list. I especially like how Moana had a close relationship with Maui.


Surprised  how being an introvert and asshole somehow makes you inspiring to women. She

Nobody here talks Lilo&Stitch? not only had the movie a female lead, she also lost her parents.

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Louie said:
Goodnightmoon said:

Says someone with Trump on his name.

Yeah, but unfortunately he's right  these days. I can't believe people are being paid (!) to write stuff like this article. 

Not really, feminism is still definitely needed, radical feminism maybe not, at least not on every country.


Faelco said:
Jumpin said:

I think you're mixing up feminism with androgenism.

I'm not an expert in feminism (I usually don't like feminists), but isn't "Women should be as strong and independent as men" one of their motto? Mulan, Brave and Moana are proofs of that, Frozen is not.

It's not really that women should be as strong as men, because genetically it's undeniable that men are generally stronger. However, feminists (at least the rational ones) argue that women shouldn't be discriminated against or treated unfairly because of their differences, as they are still very capable beings.

People with no interest in a game whine about the roles of female characters in said game.

Thankfully game Devs are starting to realise they're bowing to demands of people who aren't their audience and never will be.

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This article is racist. Male female, it doesn't matter! This clear issue is that Mario isn't an African Wood Elf.
Also, what kinda profession is Plumber? And why does he look like Ron Jeremy? The two player game of Mario Brothers is like a porno where they use magic mushrooms.

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so stupid.

SJW sub-culture jumped the shark with bathroom outrage, the backlash against this crap is Trump.

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Welp, that's enough internet for one day, I believe.

If this was an article written for The Onion no one would notice the difference.

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tokilamockingbrd said:
so stupid.

SJW sub-culture jumped the shark with bathroom outrage, the backlash against this crap is Trump.

I'm pretty sure it was the transphobes who were the ones outraging with the bathrooms.