So my sister broke my 3ds...

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That's the same screen my GBA SP had when my mom slammed it on the floor. Too bad the carpet couldn't save it. I was playing Yu-Gi-Oh! on it so my heart was crushed seeing the screen like that.

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Looks like it's time for a replacement or maybe...time for a switch.


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Captain_Yuri said:
Platina said:

At the price of $100, that's a crazy good deal.. probably would equate to around $120 CAD(?) when the n3DS costs $200 anyways (XL is $220)

Because I'm sure you're past the warranty, it's probably easier and more convienient to get a new one


But keep in mind about the digital games being system locked.. Looks like your 3DS is still functioning so you can still transfer the games?

Yea, I forgot, does the system transfer require the top screen for anything?

I never done it, but I don't think you do.. I'm pretty sure everything you need to select is on the touch screen so it should be fine?

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System transfers can be done with just the bottom screen.

If you are attached to your streetpass stuff, definitely just buy a new console instead. Nintendo will probably just replace the system with damage like that, and they don't transfer the streetpass data in my experience, even when a transfer is possible.

With the Switch coming soon, might be a good time to move to a smaller 3DS model anyway, eh?

Shame about the damage, though. And to a special edition console, too.

Skin heralive!

But in all seriousness, Im sorry for your loss :(

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hunter_alien said:
Skin heralive!

But in all seriousness, Im sorry for your loss :(


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My son just pushed mine off of the ledge of a table while it was charging just tonget a reaction out of me the other day. I am glad I was luckier than you my friend...

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BraLoD said:
So if it was your Vita it would be an assassination?

or a mercy killing.