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Here's my reasons why.

1. Power. When Nintendo was planning NX, the main competition was Xbox One and PS4. So they make NX into a modest system, thinking that the bar would be low. Instead, Sony announces Neo (now the PS4 Pro) and MS announces Project Scorpio. NX is dwarfed by both of them. Now 'kinda' in the range of Xbox One is being below the lowest bar. We also see why Reggie had that sad look on his face at E3.

2. Caught off guard by Sony and MS. Never before have iterations existed on this level. Pro is over double the power of the base PS4 and Scorpio looms over everything else. Nintendo and most of the gaming public didn't see this coming. How could they? It never happened before. NX would have been perfectly fine if MS and Sony followed the script.

3. Price. Nvidia is expensive. Even if they cut Nintendo a deal, Nvidia is always an expensive proposition. More than likely we're going to be seeing this machine come in around $299. $70 more expensive than the base Xbox One. As expensive as the Xbox One S with UHD bluray playback, or the PS4 Slim, which is still many times more powerful than NX, and comes with an established library of games.

The NX launch is supposed to be 5 months from now. I'm thinking that Nintendo is desperately trying to find a way to turn this into some positive, but I think they are afraid to reveal NX because when they show it, it will be widely known that what they are revealing is Wii U 2.0. Another gimmicky, underpowered mess that will be ignored by 3rd parties for the next 5 or 6 years.

So what do you think? Is Nintendo afraid to reveal NX? Do you think that there will be a massive blowout reveal this month? Maybe next month? Or maybe a delay until holiday 2017 to try and make things better?

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It definitely is suspicious that it's now October and they still haven't announced a reveal date. Either the March release isn't happening and release has been delayed, or you're right and Nintendo has lost confidence in NX after the other recent console announcements from MS and Sony (XB1 S, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, and Scorpio) and they're trying to decide what to do next.

There is only one reason to be afraid and that is Iwata had a huge say in the design of it before he died.

By the time he died it would have been too late to do major changes. So they basically releasing a product they probably were not all happy about to begin with,



If the reason of the late annoucment is the Ps4Pro reveal, then it would have been doomed even without the Ps4Pro.

1. Sorry, but your post is full of assumptions.

2. You and lots people are overthinking it. Nintendo will present the NX when they'll be ready.It's definitely not a matter of being afraid or not.

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I don't think Pro or Scorpio is going to have an impact on Nintendo in that regard, because PS4/XB1 is still the industry standard for console games.

Hiku said:

I don't think Pro or Scorpio is going to have an impact on Nintendo in that regard, because PS4/XB1 is still the industry standard for console games.

Besides, neither Microsoft nor Sony are going to drop their standard console over their upcoming upgraded systems.

Didnt foxconn said that they are already producing the NX? Doesn't that mean they cant change anything in terms of hardware?

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And like what Ubisoft said, it seems like Nintendo is focusing on getting the Smartphone gamers on their system than PS4 and Xone owners.

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The only thing that Nintendo is afraid of is to repeat one of the big mistakes they made with the Wii U: Not showing off enough Nintendo games.

All of your reasons are plain stupid. If your assumption that Nintendo was going for symmetrical competition would be correct, then Nintendo would be doomed regardless of the system they made.

In the end a lot of people worry about too short of a timeframe between reveal and launch, but what good has it done for the Wii U to have such a long stretch between reveal and launch? It completely wrecked the system because for one, Nintendo didn't have enough games ready, and two, Sony and Microsoft had plenty of time to come up with ways to downplay Nintendo.

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