When was the last time you played an arcade game?

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1 year and a half ago in which I played Soulcalibur.

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A couple days ago I played Aliens Armageddon. The borderlands-esque artstyle was nice but that's all it had going for it

Couple of weeks ago I played Galaga and a few months before that I was playing some Neo Geo MVS games.

Never played an actual arcade but did play a few games on MAME many years ago.


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Last June at Disney World.

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Nymeria said:
About a month ago. There is a game place that has dozens of old arcades and consoles where you pay $10 for unlimited play for the day. I still enjoy playing the classic X-Men arcade game.

That's the way arcades need to go really. $15 to 20 unlimited play for the day. When you can get the same experience at home except for the specialized cabinets. Gaming at an arcade can be fun. That sounds like a great time. 

My local movie theater has an arcade, so usually when I see a movie I play for a while before the movie starts. Usually play the shooters like House of the Dead or Galaga. Sometimes the racing games, but not too much.


BasilZero said:
Never played an actual arcade but did play a few games on MAME many years ago.





I take back what I said.


My workplace breakroom has a arcade with a bunch of NES games.


Was playing Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros few days ago.


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Slimebeast said:
Rafie said:
A few months ago at a place called GameWorks, here in South Florida. Right now, I'm about 300 dollars away from getting my custom cabinet built that has over 30,000 games on it....including games like the 1989 TMNT, Turtles In Time, Simpsons, X-Men, Time Crisis, etc. It will have the gun attachments and stuff. I truly miss the arcade era. I beat a lot of folks in MK2 and 3, Severely!

What, you will have 30,000 Arcade games with easy access through an Arcade cabinet?

How is that possible and what's the final cost?

A few months back, I came across a page on Facebook that specializes in building custom arcade cabinets. I mean anything from Hulk, Addams Family, Super Mario, Star Wars, etc. They will build it for you. It looks PHENOMENAL!!! The name of the page is "Arcades R Fun". I'm not sure if I can post their link here as it may be under solicitation or something. Just check their page out. They do great work. It's almost 4 grand for the specific one that I want. There are cheaper ones. It goes by the size of the monitor you want I believe. 


Oh and yes I wasn't exaggeratting about how many games it comes with. It's 30,000!

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Probably some shitty games at the local Chuck E Cheese 3-4 years ago at my sons birthday party.

Last arcade around here shut down like 8 years ago.