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WIll you join me?

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I really think the NX needs to fail. Here's why:

1. Censorship

Censorship has become a very serious problem in recent months. It started with small things like costume changes in Fatal Frame V and Xenoblade X, but now whole games are getting destroyed like Fire Emblem Fates or Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. If we support the NX, the Censorship will continue.

2. Bad Paper Mario Games

Nintendo has killed this series with Paper Mario Sticker Star on 3DS. We loved Paper Mario for its story, its characters and its gameplay, but now it's just linear garbage nobody has asked for. If we support the NX, the bad Paper Mario games won't stop.

3. Motion Controls

Motion Controls were a great idea with the Wii and I loved playing Wii Sports with my family but know Motion Controls are destroying whole games like Star Fox Zero. That game is basically unplayable. If we support the NX, the Motion Controls will continue..

4. Unfinished Games

Do you know any Nintendo game before 2015 that was released unfinished? No. Because there is no game. But in 2015 unfinished games became a serious problem. Devil's Third hasn't seen any Quality Assurance and development of Mario Tennis Ultra Smash has been stopped in the middle of it. If we support the NX, Nintendo will continue to flood the console with unfinished games.

5. Bad Mario Party Games

I LOVED Mario Party on N64 and GCN, but the recent games were all crap. Mario Party 9 was hated and yet that didn't change its formula in Mario Party 10. Island Tour was horrible and Star Rush doesn't look any better. If we support the NX, we will never get a great Mario Party game again.

6. Lies

Iwata was a liar. He promised us that the NX won't succeed the NX however he has killed the Wii U and the NX will replace the WIi U. LIE. He has also said that they will continue making Wii U Games even after the NX launch but currently it doesn't look like they have a single unannounced Wii U game in development. LIE. If we support the NX, Nintendo will continue lying into our faces.

7. Lazy effort Games

Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash is seriously one of the worst Nintendo games I've ever played. They literally put ZERO effort into that game. And then they say: "If you don't buy our shit, we will kill Chibi-Robo". If we support the NX, Nintendo will make more and more lazy effort games.

8. amiibo

amiibo was a huge mistake. It isn't worth the 15 dollars per figure but Nintendo forces us to buy them so we can play the full game. They even build entire games for amiibo like Animal Crossing amiibo Nonsense. If we support the NX, it won't take long until you have to buy an amiibo to unlock the master sword in Zelda.

9. short live cycles

The Wii U will be replaced after just being four years on the market. This is the biggest betrayal in the history of Nintendo. 300 dollars wasted. If we support the NX, the NX will be replaced in 2019.

10. underpowered hardware

3DS games look horrible. Many games don't come to Wii U because it's to weak. If we support the NX, Nintendo will continue making consoles with 10 years old hardware.



As you can see the NX really needs to fail completely so that Nintendo realizes that theyare doing almost everythin wrong and that they can do a 180 degree turn. If the NX succeeds, Nintendo won't change. We have to force Nintendo to become great again by boycotting the NX. That's the only way! I decided to not buy the NX and you should join me. Thanks.



@Mods I know that you will find a reason like trolling or what ever so you can block me again and force me to stop spreading my personal opinion. I know that you hate personal opinions. That's why I was blocked the past 5 times.


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I'm unsure of why you were so positive about the WiiU but now are bashing Nintendo and the NX. When did this happen, I always viewed you as Nintendo's primary defense on vgchartz. I agree with most of your points, but just because they are valid negative points about Nintendo doesnt mean I think the NX has to fail for them to become great again.

They're in a rut recently and hopefully the NX will be the thing that pulls then out of that. But yes if Nintendo doesnt chane their ways after the already disasterous WiiU then the NX does need to fail, maybe then they'd start giving people what they want.

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A little early to say such isnt it?

Maybe it launches and every issue you have is fixed.

Points 4, 5, 7, 8, & 9 are true 'because' the Wii U was a failure and Nintendo needed to find a way to keep revenue up and save resources, so NX being a failure would only continue that trend or make it even worse.

This thread needs to fail

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Oh sure, make Nintendo bleed money and potentially go bankrupt, because only then when they have no money they will think:"Oh, we need to make the games they want.But oh well, too late now, since we got no money".

If it wasnt clear in my sarcasm, boycotting everything Nintendo does is not the answer.If you dont like what Paper Mario has turned into, dont buy Paper Mario.If you dont like Amiibo, dont buy Amiiibo.But if an awesome game comes, but you go on to say "But...... But..... they made that horrible Mario Tennis 4 years ago, so I wont buy this excellent game out of saltiness!" is just childish and wont make things better.

ktay95 said:
This thread needs to fail

Basically Nintendo's biggest problem is just not listening to their fans at all, People want Animal Crossing WiiU not Animal Crossing Amiibo Party, People want Traditional Mario Party not Car Garbage, People want Paper Mario like it used to be, not sticker-star nonesense. People want an F-Zero and a Metroid game on WiiU, not Federation Force, and Starfox finally came back but by the looks of it it wasn't given enough resources to make a great return to the franchise.

Sony meanwhile, Last Guardian, FF VII Remastered, Shenmue 3, Crash Bandicoot. They're listening and making what people want HAPPEN.

Nintendo do whatever they fancy, and when fans are unhappy with what they're doing they just keep doing it anyway.

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You shouldn't buy the console if it arrives with no games, doesn't get many in the long run or is shit, plain and simple. Also, individual games do not seem like a great reason to not support the thing.

1. Don't buy the game. Boycott it. Better than skipping the machine altogether, something that would be worse if NX gets a lot of other cool games.

2. Don't buy the game.

3. How do you know this?

4. What else do you have aside from Devil's Third and Ultra Smash?

5. Don't buy the game...

6. It always seemed inevitable to me, but yeah, it's kind of bad.

7. I actually agree here, but the case doesn't stop with Chibi-Robo.

8. Don't buy the things. NX isn't an amiibo. People need to stop buying these toys because of that precise reason, but nothing will stop whether you buy or not the console.

9. Yup.

10. Agreed.

If the NX fails, Nintendo as we know them would cease to exist, so no.