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Leave or remain

Leave 412 53.72%
Remain 355 46.28%

so in or out on the 23rd! 

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As a leave voter, I'd like to hear some reasons from the remain side and why the believe we'd be stronger in the Eu

Still undecided. There's been so much mud-flinging between the two camps it's difficult to know who to trust - if any of them can be trusted at all. Both sides have been called out on being somewhat economical with the truth of what might happen if we stay/leave.

When I find an unbiased voice of reason in amongst all the crap, that's when I'll listen and decide.

I don't know the british economy enough to know if it will be good or bad for them.

The only thing I know, is that if the UK is out, Europe will probably collapse. And I don't even know if it's ood or bad. We can't trust governments, we can't trust politicians and lawmakers, all we know is that we are all fucked.

Yeah it's a lot simpler than what both are making out, both leave and remain are using scare tactics


all it boils down to simply is if you believe Britain can thrive outside the EU and personally I think we can 

Britain is a greater country than we give it credit for 

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I'm voting to stay. People think that by voting out we will get less refugees and immigrants coming over, but it won't. All that will happen is people will find ways of extorting people to bring them over such as manpower and smuggling. 


Worse yet, EU will need to make some money so there will cost increases where we have gotten things cheap or for free. Traveling will become more expensive and all these British folk who love going to Spain, France, Greece, Amsterdam etc won't be able to do it on the cheap anymore. 


Last but not least, if Europe falls economically, we will struggle to. There will be more people knocking on our doors than before and for more reasons and you can only hold on for so long before people start slipping through. 


Whoever said life to be like a box of chocolates clearly didn't know what he was talking about. 

Life is more like a game of bumper cars. At every turn there is a possibility you will get screwed.

Out, i'm not ruled by money. Most people who want to stay, it's only the economy and my money.

I'm not British, I'm Belgian, so I'm not going to vote in the poll. I do have some things to say however.

I think the EU has been a project that really brought peace and prosperity to the European continent. However, it's latest economical medicine (austerity) has been poison, there's a complete lack in coordination for the refugee crisis, and the EU has been involved in a multitude of disastrous interventions with the NATO.

I was a firm believer of the EU project and thought the Union could be reformed from within. I'm having my doubts now.

On the other hand, I think some of the conservatives want out for all the wrong reasons. If you you want out of the EU, do it to get out of the NATO, out of austerity and out of a deadlocked institution. Don't get out for changing the human rights agreement within the EU, don't get out "just to balance the books" and fall victim to another round of Tory austerity and certainly don't get out just to chum up to the United States.

Those are my two (euro)cents.

Have any of you watched the documentary Brexit: the movie? I found it quite interesting. I also agree with phinch1. Britain is more than capable of surviving instead of being part of the EU.

I vote remain, I'm a British citizen by decent. Though I class myself as a New Zealander (Born and breed) I recently got my British passport and I wish to work and love in Europe. This would destroy that dream for me.