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Well, most people wanted ice cream. What kind?

Mint-endo Chocolate Chip 18 7.35%
Sonyberry 157 64.08%
Microsoft serve 17 6.94%
Cookies and Dreamcast 19 7.76%
Vanilla 16 6.53%
Organic and pun-free, thank you 18 7.35%

Mayday! Mayday! It's May Day! Which means it's time for May's Amazon thread.

Hourly Rankings

Monthly Rankings

Yearly Rankings

Note: Monthly & weekly rankings are on a 3-day delay from the current calendar date. They are usually updated daily on Amazon between 4 to 5 PM Eastern time.

Current Monthly Hardware Rankings

PS4 CoD bundle: #17
XBO Gears bundle: #56
XBO 3-game bundle: #69
PS4 Uncharted 4 LE bundle: #77
PS4 standalone: #95
PS Vita: #96

Hardware Preorders Coming Into Effect This Month

PS4 Uncharted 4 bundle: Did not rank in any previous monthly top 100; placed #94 in the weekly top 100 of Week 1 in February

Current Yearly Hardware Rankings

(Note: Will only be updated each Thursday. Amazon may update these daily, though.)

PS4 CoD bundle: #15
XBO Gears bundle: #43
New 3DS XL: #91

Final Weekly Rankings

(Note: May is a 4-week month.)

Week 1 (May 2 - 8)

PS4 CoD bundle: #20
New 3DS XL FE Fates edition: #24
XBO Gears bundle: #63
PS Vita: #79
PS4 Uncharted 4 bundle: #88
PS4 standalone: #92
XBO Name Your Game bundle: #98

Week 2 (May 9 - 15)

PS4 CoD bundle: #21
XBO Gears bundle: #63
PS4 Uncharted 4 bundle: #67
PS4 standalone: #95

Week 3 (May 16 - 22)

PS4 CoD bundle: #17
XBO Gears bundle: #58
PS4 Uncharted 4 LE bundle: #94

Week 4 (May 23 - 29)

XBO 3-game bundle: #9
PS4 CoD bundle: #14
XBO Gears bundle: #52
XBO Name Your Game bundle: #73
PS4 Uncharted 4 bundle: #85

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U.S. 2017 Sales Predictions (Updated July) vs. NPD Actuals (bolded & italicized)
PS4: 5.5M (5.36M); XBO: 4.5M (4.27M); Switch: 4.75M (4.87M)

Global 2016 Sales Predictions (Updated July) vs Actuals or VGC Estimates (bolded & italicized)
PS4: 19M (20.2M [official Sony figure]); XBO: 7M (7.6M [VGC est.]); Switch: 13M (13.2M [VGC est.])

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12 hours since last update:

#23 PS4 Black Ops III Bundle (down 2)
#68 XB1 Refurbished (new entry) < $248
#78 PS4 Fool's Edition (down 2)
#82 Vita (down 12)
#90 XB1 Gears Bundle (down 3)
#183 PS4 Uncharted 4 LE Bundle (up 76)

SOFTWARE (Pre-Orders Only)
#03 PS4 Uncharted 4 (same)
#22 PS4 Uncharted 4 SE (same)
#41 PS4 No Man's Sky (up 2)


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Happy May... finally starting to get into game release season...yay :)

This is going to be a good month for games, now just need to find time to play them all :(


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