If there is Star Fox/Splatoon like motion control in Zelda NX/U will you not buy it?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - If there is Star Fox/Splatoon like motion control in Zelda NX/U will you not buy it?

If it's forced, no.

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Considering I like the moton controls in both of those games... ...

It won't.

Then again, I did say I was confident the game wasn't going to be delayed to 2016, and look at how that ended up...

I wouldn't mind. The motion controls wasn't even a main issue for me in SS. It was the repetitive aspect of it. When I found out I had to retread old grounds again, I just lost interest and haven't gotten back to it. Hopefully Zelda U doesn't do that...



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Of Course, Splatoon controls are great I already didn't mind Skyward Sword controls so why I would be mind Splatoon controls.
Also I am pretty sure Zelda on Wii U will have Splatoon controls, they are basically same controls like in WW HD and TP HD, so I dont see why some people see that like a problem!?

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spurgeonryan said:
AZWification said:

The motion controls in Splatoon are optional and even then they work woderfully, not sure about Star Fox.


Yes they do Mr. AZWIF, but do you want more of that in zelda or just a traditional run?

I would rather have traditional controls, but I would buy the game even if it had motion controls.

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if its like in windwaker hd its fine (was optional and good).
If its like in splatoon : yes.

If its like in star fox: probl not. Why should i bother with it? Will just play final fanatsy 15, witcher 3, uncharted 4 etc instead.

spemanig said:
Let's not even entertain that.

TheseI days we need to entertain everything concerning Nintendo 

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As I explained in my thread ^ I think the fact that the game is also on NX will prevent it from having motion controls/other gimmiks

Jranation said:
Didn't they show it in the gameplay trailer at the game awards? Like how link jumps up from his horse to shoot his arrow?

I was thinking I remembered that too ...