If there is Star Fox/Splatoon like motion control in Zelda NX/U will you not buy it?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - If there is Star Fox/Splatoon like motion control in Zelda NX/U will you not buy it?

The word is still out on what is going to happen to the only game many of us have cates about this entire Nintendo gen. But lets say Nintendo decides to be creative and use motion control one more time on Zelda.


Will you still buy it? 

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Considering this is my least homeconsole hyped Zelda ever, and with the mismanagement and incompetence Nintendo have showed during the development, I'll be very critic about it. If they have bad controls it will be the nail in the coffin and will try make my opinion be hear by Nintendo. Not a very nice opinion, of course.

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I would, but I would also really hope the motion controls are implemented better than in Star Fox Zero.


I like using the motion-control to aim for instance the arrows in Wind Waker and Twilight Princess so absolutely i would buy it

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The motion controls in The Wind Waker HD (Aiming) were absolutely fine. I would even go as far as to say that they enhanced the game (for me at least).
I don't think that forced motion controls of some sort (even if bad) would make me reconsider if i buy the game.
And even if they were bad, i'm pretty sure that you could just use the sticks instead. The new Zelda doesn't seem like a game that's built around motion controls (like Star Fox Zero) but rather a game that, like WWHD, uses motion controls to enhance the gameplay.

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The motion controls in Splatoon are optional and even then they work woderfully, not sure about Star Fox.

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I just want a traditional Zelda game, and Nintendo trying to shoehorn motion controls just to try and be innovative would certainly kill it a bit for me.

I didn't like the motion controls in Splatoon, but they could be turned off, and I did like the motion controls in Star Fox, but I don't see it working at all in a game like Zelda.

I like the motion controls of SS so I wouldn't mind, but I would prefer if they are optional.


Depends on what the controls are for, and if you can turn it off

I really liked the Splatoon motion controls despite being against it.. I later turned off the controls and did a lot worse so I still use them..

..but of games like Zelda, I didn't like the controls in Skyward Sword, and prefer if the kept it like TP GC or TWW.
I didn't even use the gyro for the bows/boomerang/grappling hook etc. for the games that had that option

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