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One can only hope is fake.


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I'm not really a fan of this controller :p

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what if this is NX portable?

this shit makes the boomerang dualshock controler look good.


Hey ,that looks pretty sleek and sexy, I could actually get on board with that! If only it had actual physical buttons though...


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Guitarguy said:
Is the premise of it just a smaller(more cost effective) Gamepad??

Maybe not more cost effective.

But its thinner and lighter by the look of it.

Also new = no physical buttons, instead touch screen interface allows you to make as many buttons, placed where ever you want.

Think about it, animated buttons.

You cant do that with a normal controller.... might be cool.

Looks like a handheld.

Oh dear god, this is not going to end well

Nothing to see here, move along

The wait for E3 is unbearable if Nintendo wont address leaks and the NX until then.

I would love this to be true! This could be so much like the Wii remote: Totally simple but complex enough if needed. If the feedback of the on-screen buttons is anything like Apple's taptic engine it will feel great to play games on it.

A primary controller that has two buttons and can be used sideways like a Wii remote? This is Nintendo going for the mass market. Very interested if this is indeed true. Can't wait to learn more about it.