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One can only hope is fake.


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I'm not really a fan of this controller :p

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what if this is NX portable?

this shit makes the boomerang dualshock controler look good.


Hey ,that looks pretty sleek and sexy, I could actually get on board with that! If only it had actual physical buttons though...


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Guitarguy said:
Is the premise of it just a smaller(more cost effective) Gamepad??

Maybe not more cost effective.

But its thinner and lighter by the look of it.

Also new = no physical buttons, instead touch screen interface allows you to make as many buttons, placed where ever you want.

Think about it, animated buttons.

You cant do that with a normal controller.... might be cool.

Looks like a handheld.

Oh dear god, this is not going to end well

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The wait for E3 is unbearable if Nintendo wont address leaks and the NX until then.

I would love this to be true! This could be so much like the Wii remote: Totally simple but complex enough if needed. If the feedback of the on-screen buttons is anything like Apple's taptic engine it will feel great to play games on it.

A primary controller that has two buttons and can be used sideways like a Wii remote? This is Nintendo going for the mass market. Very interested if this is indeed true. Can't wait to learn more about it.