Which new Nintendo Select did you pick up?

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I already have 3D World and Tropical Freeze and have been dying to get Pikmin 3 for a long time now so I got that finally.

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Maybe one of the remixes and all stars if it comes to Wii U. Any of this retail?

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None because NoA refuses to give us Lego city.


None. I have almost all of those games in the list already.

I'm waiting for NA to get NSMBU+NSLU select - makes no sense for EU to just get it....come on sons.


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On a related note. Got an older release of SM3DW for $19.99 at Target today. It's the red case version (not the original blue case), and goes with MK8 and SMM on my shelf quite nicely.

The artwork does contain a "Family Game of the Year 2012-2013" emblem in the lower right, but it's nowhere near the eyesore of the selects cases.

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Bought OoT 3D. Hope we get Windwaker HD for $20 in NA later on as well.

I never buy any of those Select releases. The box arts are just too ugly for me.

And this has been going on since like the SNES with those red ones, then the silver ones of the N64 and GameCube and now those frames with Wii and WiiU. No wait in fact the NES already had a couple of those. It's like as if these rereleases are just a contest about how to mess up the art the worst. At least Nintendo doesn't win this challenge, the Select range is still nowhere near the abomination that is the PS3 Platinum/Essentials range. I mean sweet holy lord.

Are the Wii ones retail or digital only?

Not yet, but Pikmin 3 and 3D World looks really tempting (beat 3D World already though..)

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cfin2987@gmail.com said:

Nah, I'll probably never buy a Nintendo game again. Trying to rip off Europeans charging the equivalent of 28 dollars for the same game that's 20 in the U.S. 

FFS, the American prices are before tax. Nintendo doesn't earn any more from a sale made in Europe.