VGChartz turned me gay (and ruined my marriage) (NSFW)

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So, did you marry the counselor or not?

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

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VGPolyglot said:
TruckOSaurus said:

A prolific poster, an Xbox enthusiast, a cute guy, a friend, somewhat controversial but always entertaining. He lost interest in video games as the years went on so he left us.

It seems strange to me how someone who used to be a big gamer would just lose interest in video games like that.

My best friend used to be an avid gamer. Back in high school we used to play on his N64 all the time. When Halo CE came out, he actually bought two Xboxes so we could play LAN games. We played every other Halo game together on up through Halo 4. But back in the summer of 2014, he just up and stopped playing online entirely. I tried to get him to at least play some campaign, but that was a chore trying to motivate him to do so. And I was renting a bedroom in his house (which is now my house) so it's not like we had to go out of our way to play anything. He has since moved a few miles away, and we don't get to hang out as much due to scheduling conflicts. He simply just up and became a lapsed gamer.

I personally blame his girlfriend. Well, maybe not directly. But he let his girlfriend (and now soon-to-be wife) move in with us, and after that he started acting like a boring old person. His spare time during the week, even when his girlfriend was at work or otherwise not around, was spent tooling around on his iPhone or watching TV, and on the weekends he was usually out and about (he and his girlfriend are both very socially gregarious people). We did other stuff together, but playing video games wasn't one of them anymore. He actually came over a few weeks ago to play Halo CE's campaign with me, which was the first time we played video games together in a long time.

VGChartz didn't turn you gay.

You were always gay.


This would need to be studied. How many are turned gay by vgchartz?
Or maybe they are first turned bi-curious, then bi, then "hetero-curious" and finally gay?
So is someone feeling gay today? :D

edit: I remember that seece guy, by the way wasn´t he gay?

Wow. I actually read the whole thing. Some story, parts seem a bit extreme so I'm not sure if I believe this but some story indeed.

Anyway I guess "Thanks VGC..."

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+1 would read again

actually, though, vgchartz saved you from having to go through a divorce.

true to chartz. praise the chartz.

Kerotan said:
CaptainExplosion said:

Who is Seece, and what happened to this person?

He is deseeced. Sorry I had to. Well he was fond of the old console wars between Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. He was an avid xbox gamer. When Microsoft started doing bad he seemed to lose interest and move on. 

I miss arguing with Seece lol, I was only for the charts at first but I had to sign up in order to defend Nintendo from him :P

on topic, if there's one thing I like in this place, it's the intense personalities people carry with them, to the point of insanity, based on your actions I really don't see how you wanted your relationship, you got what you deserved, and that is the truth of the matter

VGC just brought your gayness to the surface

sethnintendo said:
iceland said:

I couldn't believe what happened either, so it's fitting

You pretty much had me till the dual bathroom jerk off session.

Still had you at his girlfriend whispering "sex incoming"?

Thechalkblock said:

+1 would read again

actually, though, vgchartz saved you from having to go through a divorce.

true to chartz. praise the chartz.

And in return of the thousands it saved him financially, and the emotional distress, he should now thank vgchartz by signing up to the gold membership. 

lol, completely missed this thread when it was originally posted.

You should write porn scripts man