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Thanks for all the votes in this years poll! Participation has been somewhat lower than last year's 8th gen ratios, only PS4 votes have increased. I've updated the OP of all the individual poll threads with a comparison between the post votes and the poll votes. (Links: 3DSPS VitaPS4WiiUXBox One)

Maximum post votes were obtained by Nintendo WiiU (25) and 3DS (21), Sony got PS4 (20), PSVita (5) and Microsoft Xbox One (3). Meanwhile in the polls the quantities were a little higher: PS4 (99), WiiU (81), 3DS (60), PSVita (18) and Xbox One (17).

When putting these poll votes all together, we get these Chartz: 

Polls and results from:
3DSPS VitaPS4WiiUXBox One


Previous ratio polls:
VGCz 8th gen first-to-third party ratios (JAN-2015)
VGCz 7th gen first-to-third party ratios (SEP-2014)


Note that participation has been low for both PS Vita and Xbox One, meaning that results obtained wont be that representable. 

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Nice data! Thanks for putting this together.

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Tagging, not surprising to see Wii U have the highest percentages

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Nice work.

It's not surprising to see Wii U and 3DS so high tho. :P

PS4 sharing the least first party porcentage is also expected given they've focused to much on third parties this gen and are yet to release most of their big guns (Uncharted, Gran Turismo, God of War).

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Thanks everyone, it took some time to count the votes and update all the OPs :)

Like we saw last year, the results are evident from the releases each userbase has had (like LipeJJ states).

  • Sony's ratio skewed towards third party titles with the mode in the 20-40% bin.
  • Nintendo's ratio skewed towards first party titles with the mode in the 60-80% bin (although WiiU's 80-100% is quite high too).
  • Microsoft's ratio seemed like it had two camps of first party and third party buyers (shame votes were low for this poll to conclude anything).


Still it seemed there was confusion initially that these ratio polls were intended for 2015 purchases. Maybe because it the title originally had "2015 VGC poll" or how the OP was worded. I changed the title and updated the OP an hour after the threads were posted.  So I might repeat the poll in six months’ time, and maybe get more votes around that busier time of the year.

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