Halo Character Artist Gives Legend Of Zelda's Link A Realistic Makeover

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People just mad he didn't make Link a prettyboy.

Actually i think that is probably a good representation.

Look at most japanese anime, guys faces always look like shit and the girls look hot as.

I guess ne coudl argue link is more feminine lol



That's his reinterpretation of the character. It looks OK.... I guess. Link always looked androgynous in the games and official art, I prefer that look honestly, and I also prefer fan art that also reflects that.

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No. No. Just No!

outlawauron said:
Platina said:
His face... makes him look like a grown man D:

I think that's kinda the point....

Edit:  Although, that Link looks to me in mid to late 20s. It's not like he looks old.

Really, it makes me think that he is 40 or something :p

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Pavolink said:
AlfredoTurkey said:

Looks like a woman lol. 

Nope, he is handsome.

Yeah, in a Megan Fox sort of way.

Ew, gross. He's looking very generic...

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