We need remasters of SSX, Tricky and 3 For PS4/XB1

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Would you buy a Remastered SSX collection for PS4/XB1?

YES! 32 78.05%
Maybe 1 2.44%
No 4 9.76%
Not interested 2 4.88%
I like cake 2 4.88%
m0ney said:

For real? After trying the demo I agree with this metacritic reviewer, which is complete opposite of your opinion:

For reals.  Like I said, it took me a long time to get used to it, but after spending some proper time with it, I love it.  And that comes from someone who would list SSX within my top 5 games of all time.

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I would buy that day one...

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That would be brilliant.

Would LOVE Tricky again. So many good times with that game.


Wii U Tricky exclusive!

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No On Tour love? It wasn't as good as 3 but it's surely better than the first game. It was personally my second favorite, although I never did get enough into Tricky or the 7th gen reboot to fairly judge them. From what I did play of the newest one it was damn good. A bit frustrating at times, but it's definitely a tried and true SSX updated for the HD gen. It just takes a bit of getting used to to reach that point

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DivinePaladin said:
No On Tour love?

It's my second favorite too but it gets too tough at some point in career mode.

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You might as well ask EA to release another Road Rash, Desert Strike, Magic Carpet, Ultima.......

The problem is the reboot killed the franchise

I loved it! The Deadly Descents were poor, but the overall game was mostly great, especially WINGSUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it also had loads of instakill deaths and didn't quite have the right vibe in spite of the music. It also felt like a series of single runs, which just wasn't what I was looking for after the feeling of openness in 3

But yeah, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. SSX 1 was one of the first PS2 games I ever played and so it still holds a very strong place in my heart. I just don't see the business case unless they're going to reboot it again

m0ney said:

It's my second favorite too but it gets too tough at some point in career mode.

Haha, we could not disagree more about this series.  On Tour is my least favourite of the games I played (haven't played Blur although I do own it).  Aesthetic was horrible; skis added nothing and it felt like a huge step back from 3.