Do you attend church weekly? Yearly?

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never been to church.

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I was once an altar boy and attended church every Sunday. I don't go anymore at all. The last two times I went were to have my daughters baptised. My wife is Portuguese and the Portuguese community dishes out a ton of cash at baptisms.

Been a few times in my life for weddings or things like that but I generally avoid it. Agnostic and very much that way. Girlfriend is Catholic, and she knows better than to ask me to go.

Once a year at Christmas.

I rarely go to church now, I used to go to Church school before for 3 years every tuesday, but that was a long time ago

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I've been to church a few times, two baptisms(sp?) and maybe some other time. When I went to school all Swedish children went once a year at Christmas to sing, but a note from my father relieved me of that. Nowadays there are a lot more immigrants in schools, many of them muslims and their parents see to that they don't have to go either.

I only go to church because of weddings. Probably the next time I go to a church is at my own wedding haha.

I'm not very religious.

I go to church nearly every Sunday and sometimes on Wendesday.

Only for Greek Easter, and for christenings/funerals/weddings.

I only go to rob the collection plate.
Seriously though, I've never felt the need to take religion into my life.