So MGS V, what's the split gonna be?

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PS4 and X1 only. Do your worst and predict.

Some things to keep in mind:

On Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk (the two markets where PS4 and X1 are closest to each other) both titles are currently positioned as follows:

US: 13 vs. 146 (special edition); 15 vs 180 (normal edition) both in favour of the PS4

UK: 6 vs. 23 (normal edition) in favour of the PS version, also PS4 version 167 days in top 100, X1 version 21 days

Vgchartz US pre orders, not the most accurate but they are there, as of July 4th: 183k (PS4) vs. 65k (X1)

Also MGS titles have historically achieved strong sales not only in the US but also in the rest of the world and most importantly Japan (though with Japan you still have to keep the PS3 version taking away sales in mind)

The Ground Zeroes physical split is according to vgchartz between 4-5 to 1.

So what are your thoughts, I'm thinking a cool 5 to 1 here.

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I'm guessing for every one Xbox 1 copy, four PS4 ones.

Ooh, I was going to say 3:1 before reading the OP. If GZ was indeed 5:1, then I'm going to say 4:1 (80/20 split).

PS4 : X1

1 to 5 for playstation

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80/20 sounds right

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around 5 :1

If it reviews really well I think that it will be 2-3:1 in favour of PS4. I would say XB1 owners will be less likely to take a gamble on it if its just good or OK.

5:1 sounds right.

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