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first graphic is good but not that mind blowing,

second, the character for me is out of place and unlikeable

third, look at those running animation lol

fourth, the enemies, is that FF 14 reborn enemies?

fifth, the monster and the dragon, i bet i see that Dragon many times on Dragon Age Inquisition and that monster on many games

What i saw was like seeing a remake of a famous games , or i dare to say it lacks of something that new, it lacks story or new element beside riding a dragon, and hack and slash, yeah it remind me of Drakengrad or Drag on dargon but with a poor character design.

But maybe the games is fun, who knows , and also they at least have a kamiya games and little bit of Monster Hunter feeling on it.

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I think Scalebound looks nice but needs more polish... hey guess what they still have one year of development ahead so ofc they can iron out everything.

I also think that we need more information about the game, who were these soldiers, in what world is the game set in, I saw that we could customize both our dragon and character, how is the coop going to work etc.

Next E3 will give more answers I believe if not the coming months... also IGN is going to talk about it this month if I'm right!

It looks nice and i like the concept. The only thing that i wasn't convinced with was the combat... it looked a bit boring, but this is platinum so it'll probably turn out ok.

the game looks fantastic

FloatingWaffles said:

This reminds me of when Super Mario 3D World was first shown and there were threads like this all over the place but then they showed another trailer and everyone realized how wrong they were.

Scalebound looked amazing to me. I feel like Microsoft needs more games like this anyway, something to really make the console stand out. 

speak for yourself.  SM3DW hype was one of the main reasons I bought a WiiU and it felt really stale.  It was solid but nothing made me go wow.

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The game was shown with a Pre-Alpha video.

Like someone else said, Scalebound has 12 more months to improve on everything.

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Nope. It looked great.

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Vasto said:
GOTY 2016

I've seen you say the exact same thing about Sea of Thieves. Do you have several GOTYs?

I thought it looked hella fun. The graphics looked great, the detail in the dragon was phenomenal. The fps was a little wonky but that was so obviously not any kind of a final build. Great looking game.

Naw I thought it looked cool. Kinda looks like FF15 though