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"We really dislike Nintendo users" - Ian Bell, Project Cars head of studio

See it here:



Explains a lot, doesn't it?


This is the kind of stuff people get fired for saying...


EDIT: I guess it was a joke...


One in poor taste, but oh well..

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He's being ironic, at least I hope so.

Wow, what an asshole. 

TBH he is stating an ugly truth. Third party games dont sell well in Nintendo systems. Yet vocal minorities keep them poking in internet. Yes. Its unprofessional. But it seems developers are angry over Nintendo. Plus many developers have already joked about Nintendo's attitude in gaming industry.

Hes only human, its human to get frustrated and make a statement like that.
Maybe the last week hes had to deal with alot of nintendo fans, that havnt been easy to deal with.

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Wow, what a jerk.
It's not like the other person wrote some shit.
And even if, that's not how you should behave as a game developer.
I'm glad that I didn't buy Project Cars for PS4.

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That sounds like sarcasm to me.

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If they had never announced a wii u version, they wouldn't get hate. The fact that they're trying should be consolation enough when pretty much every publisher has abandoned wii u

He just joking, at least I think. But they aren't handling this situation the best. They used the wii u for advertising and knew for a long time that the version stood no chance.


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I dislike Project Cars

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