Splatoon has surpassed 1 Million Sales Worldwide.

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Tbone lives!

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Perhaps this explains the server issues, way more players than expected! Also, I knew this was truely the next Smash/Kart!

Yay :D

I must say, I am truly surprised. I guess this shows the power of marketing. I may have my criticisms about the game, but I will still congratulate Splatoon on a job well done. Now we wait until mario maker

Nice! I guess Nintendo will finally market their games properly from now.

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Good to hear, now make more new IP's please

But Splatoon really is an fun and awesome game! Totally deserves the sales!


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Make more new IPs of Splatoon's quality Nintendo!

Whoo! I predicted that it would sell a million in the first month and I was right! Game was just too good to not be a good seller. Congrats Nintendo! A ray of light in dark times.

Seriously??? Awesome news!!! Glad to hear! Good to see a new IP from Ninten can sell a mil : )



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Holy Fuk!!!!! That is AMAZING!!!!!! Especially how:
- It got Okay reviews
- How it got less content at launch
- Pretty expensive for the amount of content it got

But thanks to the Massive Marketing nintendo put, this was achieved in less than a month!!!

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