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LurkerJ said:

Witcher 3 is not a first party game though.

CD project red CHOSE to pump the PS4 resolution to 1080p. What does SONY have to do with the witcher running at unstable framerate?

That's exactly what people fail to understand. They just love the controversy.

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GribbleGrunger said:

... And then it was patched.

What now?

"The XP fix is coming as well. As mentioned, it's just a part of the changes. I will add it though to the original post though. We are looking into the frame rate issues on PS4 as well."

So if the PS4 version runs smoothly at 1080p/30fps ... Another video?

This clearly shows the devs were spending most of their efforts optimizing the X1/version trying to get it up to snuff and ignored the PS4 and PC version cus they were good 'nuff. I hope this trend does not continue throughout the gen. Hopefully Sony's 1st party will start putting the heat on these 3rd party devs so they are force to keep up gfxly

RolStoppable said:

Even after editing this sentence, it's still bad.

"I don't want broken games, but if they get fixed after launch, then it's okay if they launch in a broken state."

"Let me start by saying that I am not a sexist. I don't like it when women are oppressed by men... but if women need to be told where their place is, then I am in full support of that."

That is because the lack of option to be fair.

I prefer games at Day 1 being fully optimized and almost bug free but if a good game/ideia was released broken what I can wish is that the dev support it with patch to make it playable again.

Saying that the dev will most loose my money for that because instead to buy it at $60 I will buy it after patches at $40 or less.

PS. lol at the sexist comparision... humans are different from softwares... you can't patch a man or a woman (well maybe you can phisically lol)

GribbleGrunger said:
FloatingWaffles said:
I agree with his point. If 1080p is too much for the PS4 to handle then Sony needs to drop the "we have a better resolution" motto and just lower it for a better framerate, otherwise I feel it would just be arrogant. This is why i'm not surprised when some games have a better framerate on the Xbox One than PS4.

Must have missed that. Could you link me to the statements, please? And some games have better framerates on the PS4 than the XB1, but let's forget those in the same way we forget 10 months of the year.


Let's also not forget that Sony's 1st party games have showed us that you can actually pump out great visuals at 1080p and a solid framerate.  Of course, I can't understand how people choose to forget we have had framerate issues/drops in games from the very start of gaming.  Did a little bit of slowdown destroy those games?  No.  People just dealt with it then, while still playing those games and thinking they were classics.  Now, all of a sudden, people expect that we should never experience it again in our lives, even on multiplats where one dev team is working on several platforms, lest we bitch about it.  Though, mostly when it's just dealing with a rival console. And where was all this bitching last gen?  Where were the cries to lower all PS3/360 games to 480p so we could get rock solid framerates on all games?  Or did we just deal with it then, too?

Now, that's not to say it should just be ignored, especially if the drops are game breaking, which they usually aren't.  And now that it's easier to fix them, devs usually try to.  I'm still waiting for patches to come to those NES classics, like Castlevania and SMB3, to fix the slowdown.

I do agree with the FPS > visuals

But on the other hand I feel that FPS on consoles is not as important as it is on PC. First because the controls on consoles are just subpar for shooters etc. (racing games is another story)

Secondly well..... I dunno why. I have Star Wars The Force unleashed on 360 and on PC. The PC version is locked to 30FPS and the 360 version is probably the same or even worse at times. Yet it didnt bother me when I played it on 360 and does really bother me on PC.

No idea why thats the case.

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Blaming Sony for stuff out of their direct control is the province of knuckledraggers in YouTube and Facebook comments. Might as well start demanding Sony to quit releasing indies and work on more AAA titles, or to make PSNow work on shitty internet.

DerNebel said:

Oh and if I remember correctly Tachikoma said that there is no rule from Sony that tells devs to push for 1080p.

Correct, there is no such rule, not even a suggestion.

its kind harsh judging 3rd party games developers have have to optimise their games for 3 or more platforms.
now if sony had problems with their games that would be another story.

”The environment where PlayStation wins is best for this industry” (Jack Tretton, 2009)

Honestly I don't think 3rd party devs are being pressured by Sony to make games 1080p. I do believe they are afraid of Sony fans though. If CDPR lowered the resolution to 900p to keep a locked framerate on the Witcher 3 there would be fire in the streets and screamings of parity clauses and MS paying to lower resolutions. Sony doesn't have or need a "we have 1080p" slogan when you have the automatic backlash of a game not being 1080p. It was proven in that study that its one of the things their fans care about the most.

VitroBahllee said:
LurkerJ said:

Witcher 3 is not a first party game though.

CD project red CHOSE to pump the PS4 resolution to 1080p. What does SONY have to do with the witcher running at unstable framerate?

Ahahahahahahaha - wish I could go back in time and plop this in the middle of all the pointless attacks about resolution from Sony fans. EVERYBODY else already agreed the whole time, but now it's okay to cut some slack now that the shoe is on the other foot? Folks should never have hyped 'resolutiongate' at all if they didn't think it mattered, which it never did.

We all wished we could go back in time and do I told you so's and comment on speculation while spoiling shit that comes out 5 years later.