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My favorite part about the conference was...

...The Last Guardian! 17 14.66%
...Horizon! 20 17.24%
...Hitman! 0 0.00%
...Final Fantasy VII Remake! 50 43.10%
...Call of Duty: Black Ops III! 1 0.86%
...Firewatch! 0 0.00%
...Dreams! 1 0.86%
...Shenmue III!!! 15 12.93%
...Star Wars: Battlefrond! 2 1.72%
...Uncharted 4! 10 8.62%

E3 2015 is barely two weeks away, its time to start concentrating the hype in only one place, time to speculate, guess, predict and get way over hyped for the show until it actually begins!

The event is scheduled for 6 P.M. PT, 9 P.M. ET on June 15th. In the meantime, share any rumors/"leaks"/hype gifs/pics.  I will be updating this post with news/links to the conference.  Go nuts. 

As you know, Sony's streaming their conference through theaters across the US & Canada, if you're interested in this, click here, make sure to share the details of your experience with us.

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-FIFA16 details

-From Platinum Games, Transformers: Devastation coming this fall.

-Just Dance 2016 Announced

-Destiny: The Taken King release date.

-The Last Guardian, coming to PS4

-New Hitman announced.

-Horizon: Zero Dawn, Guerrilla Games new IP

-Street Fighter V details

-Dreams is Media Molecule's new IP.

-Destiny: The Taken King release date.

-Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake, first on PS4.

-World of Final Fantasy announced

-Shenmue III is happening (for real)

-Call of Duty goes PlayStation, PS4 gets early DLC and beta for BLOPS III

-New Uncharted 4 gameplay

-Media Player now available on PS4

-Nier 2 is happening

-New Kingdom Hearts III info

-Star Ocean 5 is getting localized.

-Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls coming to PS4

-Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 Coming September 29th.

-Rainbow Six: Siege Details

-Trackmania Turbo announced.

-Just Dance 2016 Announced

-Tom Clancy's The Division coming March 8 2016, beta early next year.

-The Crew getting an expansion

-For Honor, Ubisoft's new IP.

-South Park: The Fractured But Whole announced.

-FIFA16 details

-Mass Effect Andromeda coming Holiday 2016.

-Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay Demo.

-Mirror's Edge Catalyst Trailer, Spring 2016

-Need for Speed coming November 3rd.

-From Platinum Games, Transformers: Devastation coming this fall.

-Dark Souls III announced, coming early 2016.

-DOOM coming early 2016, details on single and multiplayer.

-Dishonored II announced.

-Dishonored: Definitive Edition announced.

-Lots of Fallout 4 info, coming November 10th.

-Sony not making anymore big Vita games

-World of Final Fantasy announced

Some of the most memorable E3 moments from Sony, help completing this would be welcome.

Im not really expecting anything from Sony this year, so this is good. They can destroy my expectations outside of waiting for Uncharted. The new IP's have been kind of dull.

GoW4 tease
Lvl 5/ SCEJ new JPG IP
Pixelopus Vita/ PS4 game
TLG returns

Honestly, what more could you ask for?

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So you did it, nice.

I'm really excited for Horizon, i also hope a trailer for Bloodborne expansion and that's about it so i hope Sony surprises me because i haven't heard many rumors about announcements.