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I had many long sessions during my childhood, especially with Pikmin 2; I remembered that I played from the evening to the next morning. Since then though, not many times, considering that school and work consume too much time.

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i think it was 22 hours on FFXI when it first came out....non MMO would still be up there but not sure.

I dont know how some of ya'll do this those are some insane numbers

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Usually any RPG, Minecraft, or Starbound. I could play those all day if not careful.



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Even with a 4 pack of red bulls and a tin of chew I couldnt do past 13. Maybe with a bit of coke hahaha

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Probably some 6 hours? On some RPG most likely. I really doubt it was more than 6 hours. Maybe 8 when I was really young and on vacation...






12 hours with Sunset overdrive

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Either Bayonetta 2 or Wind Waker HD. I'm pretty sure I spent around 15 hours playing them in one session.

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I think the thing that can help you the most in making long sessions is having a goal. Like, if you can see the game ending soon or if you see that getting the platinum for the game is very close. I don't think I've ever gotten a platinum while not in a 6+ hour session.

I think about 13 hours.

Near the end of it I was so disillusioned, my mind was still stuck in the game. While trying to sleep I could still see myself playing the game.

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