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An unfortunate trend for sure. I am not sure what ioi can do about this. Would it be a good idea to have someone else man the numbers estimates? That way, ioi can handle then merging process and the numbers are available.

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I agree it is getting boring now, also you cant really blame him. The sales aren't actually that interesting as they aren't even close

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A new VGC policy perhaps, though a risky one. Basically given themselves a month to try to get sales data as accurate as possible . Great if it works, but if it turns out the numbers are still quite inaccurate until adjusted to align with official tracking data then it means a lot of time wasted and even less credibility. They might as well pump numbers out ASAP and call them preliminary until independent sales / shipment data gets published and allows refinement to produce final data.

They should have 3 stages of sales data for each week: preliminary, provisional and final.

Preliminary = sales based on immediate VGC generated information
Provisional = sales that have been subject to 1 or more rounds of adjustment either from internal refinaement of data or data coming from 3rd party sources (like NPD)
Final = sales that will not be subject to further adjustment, it's as accurate as the information will ever get.

More transparency about the quality of the sales data being published, and also allows for earlier publication because no one is under any illusion, or delusion that initial information is highly accurate or set in stone.

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ExplodingBlock said:

The most recent numbers Vgchartz has tracked is from the week ending March 7...

It's already April 8, more than one month behind, come on, where are they?

I'm totally finished with Vgchartz sales, the forum and community are the only reason I use this site now

When they come, they come. However, it's not something I would look forward to like I used to

So, what says you?

Get over it. These numbers are free. better than getting crap every single week

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And soon enough they are going to be 2 months old!

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it's a sales site, right?
ioi makes a living of it, am i right? (not sure on this one)
so if at least the numbers could come at the same delay. but at this point its totally worthless coming here for numbers. i mean i kinda like to know how good bloodborne did, but 1 whole month of delay is not only annoying, it is embarassing for a site that whole existence is based on sales and charts, but does not deliver.

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Yeah why are they slow at the moment has ioi said? I remember the numbers updated every 2 weeks through 2014

Maybe this is how it works from now on.

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