Why is soccer so unpopular in the US?

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You have to admit. Soccer is pretty dry in the US. Ive been there sevral times and never ever see anyone playing the great game called soccer.

The top sports in teh US as most oif you know are basketball hockey, football, and baseball.

anyways why do americans hate soccer? mainly because its "boaring" to them. thats what i think. it usually takes them over 45 minutes to score in soccer and a match can produce 3 goals on average.

americans like sports with high scores and ongoign action, but that doesnt make sense because they like baseball..(ahah get the joke?) but thats another topic.

most of you know, Pele came to the states to try and revive soccer, along with players like ccryuff maradona, beckenbaur, and that italian who played for the cosmos (he played striker), and george best. but after these guys left, soccer just became dry again. then theres beckahm. people say he can revive soccer in the us, but i dont think he cant as he isnt as good as pele, best, cruyff etc.

i have to admit the american soccer team is pretty good, but they keep getting raped by teams other than concacaf members. i.e world cup 2006, copa america 2007. the best team they can beat is mexico, although they did beat sweden a month ago.

soccer here in canada is growing specially with immigrants coming from south america italy, spain, portugal, germany, africa etc. but why isnt it growing in america? are the 4 big sports blocking it? does the MLS need to have the same structure as the Premier League?

what do you think.

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I don't know, why do Europeans hate American Football?

Because it is not from the USA???

I wouldn't put hockey on your list of american sports. Outside of New England, its pretty much a non-factor. Give us Canadians back out hockey teams. I'm looking at you Phoenix and Florida.

Hockey is pretty popular in the US, or at least it is in Texas of all places.

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My theory is first of the low game score and second they can't fit commercials between plays like they can American Football. Because of this it not very popular with TV stations. Now with Nascar you have advertising all during the race so sponsors love it .

A lot of people play soccer at my school, mostly because I live in the west and theres a lot of hispanics here.

I think its because soccer is a sport thats hard to get good at and it takes a lot of footwork. basketball and football are easy to play because catching, and throwing is a lot more natural.

and some americans see soccer as a girl sport +_+

others think it requires too much running.

Well probably because it's so flabbergastingly boring.

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It's culture.

America just has a different history of college and professional sports.

Hey, why don't we use the Metric system?

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twesterm said:
Hockey is pretty popular in the US, or at least it is in Texas of all places.

Ok, but hockey is not in your blood or in your culture like it is for Canadians. From what I hear, attendance in the Southern states is no where near as loyal when the team is loosing. Of course when you have teams in the playoffs it gets popular, but regular season, I'm pretty sure you can get tickets. On topic: Football (soccer) is not in North America's blood and culture.