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Yep, this is the best review on the game I have seen. Like he said, they delivered exactly what they said, and what they marketed. People getting upset because the game is not an Uncharted or Gears of War clone are way of base. The game is not riddled with QTE's, there is a great varity of weapons, and the stealth and shooting gameplay are right up their with the best 3rd person shooters.

I hope Ready at Dawn keeps marching forward and delivers a sequal that is 100% true to the fomula of the first game. It delivers something that you don't find in any other AAA game, and they should keep it that way. I don't want to see them go down the path of Resistance or Killzone where they try to pandor to the people complaining instead of the people that paid and enjoyed their experience. I would rather they follow Naughty Dogs example, and deliver the same formula, add some kind of co-op and multiplayer for the clueless, and garner massive praise for the same thing in round two.

Stop hate, let others live the life they were given. Everyone has their problems, and no one should have to feel ashamed for the way they were born. Be proud of who you are, encourage others to be proud of themselves. Learn, research, absorb everything around you. Nothing is meaningless, a purpose is placed on everything no matter how you perceive it. Discover how to love, and share that love with everything that you encounter. Help make existence a beautiful thing.

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If I opened a restaurant called "turd burgers" and marketed that my burgers were "100% turd", and you were a food critic, you wouldn't say "well they delivered on what was promised. 10/10." No, you'd say "eww this burger tastes like ****."

Of course, I haven't played The Order, so I'm not saying it's like a turd burger. I'm just saying "they delivered what they wanted" is irrelevant to whether or not people enjoyed it. When I'm reading a review, I don't want to know if Ready at Dawn likes their game. I want to know what other people think of it.

We already had the "Ready at Dawn made no mistakes with the Order" thread...We don't really need another.

Sure, R@D made the game they wanted to make (arguable, but hypothetically lets say that was true) but that doesn't mean it is a good game. Reviewers reviewed the game, not the developers intentions, and they found a number of flaws.