When is the Last Time you felt like you played something Truly New and Innovative?

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Valkyria Chronicles on the PS3 was the last time I felt like that playing a video game. Awesome game aswell.

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Not a console game, but I've started playing Besiege yesterday. It's only an alpha for now and the current campaign only takes 1-2 hours and isn't challenging at all, but you can build really sophisticated machines in sandbox mode.

There probably have been similar games in the past, but since I don't know them this game is really innovative to me.

In general there are a lot of very innovative indie games out there. Most of the time I'm not really a fan of indie games myself , but if you want innovation you have to look there and not at AA/AAA titles. Those big productions are usually just too expensive to test new and innovative game designs.

The last of us, while not entirely unique in story or themes, was all packaged spectacularly to bring about the best single player experience in my life. There has yet to be a game I've felt so invested on, emotionally, than the Last of Us.

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I think a lot of the stuff Nintendo has done with their systems have enabled some really interesting innovations from Kid Icarus Uprising, TWEWY and Canvas Curse to Skyward Sword, Red Steel 2 and ZombiU

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GhaudePhaede010 said:
Turkish said:

which one and how so?

I do not understand the, "which one" question...

"How so" is a little easier. Thee amount of control you have is unrivaled in any sports game before it. It was unreal to have the ball and move other players where you want or to defend using four or five guys at once. It was a RTS sports title. It was innovative as hell. I was praying a basketball game would use these controls, or a hockey game. Thee amount of thinking was revolutionary. You had to train your brain to unlearn depending on A.I. for anything and when you scored it was an accomplishment, and when you failed, it was all your blame. The game was truly innovative and revolutionary.

with "which one" I meant which PES title, do they all control like that? Might get pes 09 with Jesus like Messi on cover, even though PES was terrible the entire last gen. PES 15 is amazing though.


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Metroid Prime 3's controls really impressed me, more so than Wii Sports. I mean, I had seen motion control type games in arcades, but Metroid Prime 3 took those controls and added the ability to properly navigate a 3D space. I thought it was really cool.

Demon's Souls

Probably Hearthstone, because ive never played any of the real life varients of these card games.