When is the Last Time you felt like you played something Truly New and Innovative?

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With every generation of consoles we are usually brought with new and innovative gameplay thanks to new hardware and more capabilities.  However as time has went on it seems to be harder to shock people, almost as if we have seen it all already.  This isn't to say there isnt amazing games, because there is.  This generation seems to be going in a trend of more open enviroments with open world gameplay, but at the same time we have already seen this as well.  

And don't get me wrong, I also think there is new and innovative features like TitanFall's spin on the FPS genre for example. Anyways, what do you all think?  When is the last time a game surprised you and made you feel like it was truly new and innovative?

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In this generation, Alien isolation felt refreshing to hide and seek from the alien. The evil within brought a lot of traps into survival horror, i have never seen such a game with that many traps that was pretty new too. Almost each can instant kill you on normal defficulty 

Probably Xenoblade in fairness. Something about it really clicked with me and I'll never forget that experience.

Before that, Super Mario Galaxy. That musical score!


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I was a bit impressed by the gamepad on the Wii U when I used it on Nintendo Land, such as the Zelda game, the Luigi's Mansion ghost hunt, and the Metroid shooter game. It really showed off what the gamepad could do. Other that that, I was really impressed by Trauma Center on the Wii. I really enjoyed the use of wiimote and nunchuck of that game. I wish they would make one more...



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I wouldn't call TLOU innovative but the story, especially in a videogamy setting sure was. MM had a lot of innovation imo, and Transistor too. Don't understand the "gaems r distrprapointing" bandwagon but I'm only talking about relatively old games because I don't own a current gen console.

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Majora's Mask 3D, I did not play the original.

Trickstyle on the Dreamcast, in 1999 :(

Console 3d graphics that didn't suffer from z distortion as the camera tilts!, amazing!

At this point though we basically have seen it all already, most if not all games are , even when considered innovate, just portions of different games mashed together, titanfall being like cod, mirrors edge and hawken mashed together, cod another take on fps, mirrors edge on getting-up / Free running, hawken a take on mech warrior, krazy ivan, etc.

Doesn't mean theyre bad of course, just, dilutes the experience and makes it not feel like it's truly new or innovative.

P.T. It definitively put a whole new spin in how you do survival horror. Can't wait to see the final Silent Hills game.

For me it was Bioshock. The world they built, the story structure, and the focus they put on all of that was something I hadn't experienced in FPS games beforehand. Granted, I never really played many FPS games.

Nothing this generation has gotten to me yet but Pro Evolution Soccer on Wii is probably a shining moment in video gaming history for me.

That was the last game/series/franchise where I felt that I was playing a next generation title not possible with any home console hardware before.

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